150 Club

The club currently runs a 150 club to raise funds to help with the expansion and the running of the club house, running the senior teams and to continue to grow the youth section. The number of members at present is 125.

Entry into the 150 club costs £4 per month (per number) with payment being accepted by either standing order or annual cash payment.

The monthly draw will occur on or near the first Saturday of the month at a home game if possible. Otherwise at some suitable social event.

The monthly prizes are:

1st £100
2nd £50

In addition there will be an extra prize of £200 every second month, and a prize of £500 drawn in December prior to Christmas.

Bank standing Order forms can be downloaded from the General Forms section of this website or collected from the Clubhouse. The preferred payment schedule is £48 on an annual basis paid in August or early September. The forms are also available from Grahame Low(grahame_low@hotmail.com) or Stuart Gray (stuartgray1984@gmail.com.

Direct bank transfer is also accepted with a receipt forwarded to Grahame Low

Winners in the Draw should normally collect their prizes from the club. However they should contact Grahame Low by email or telephone 03107 467561 if this is not suitable.

The results for the current year 2016/2017 are

October 2016
£50 No 128 Fiona Moug
£100 No 18 Ken Stewart
£200 No 123 Ron Fletcher
November 2016
£50 No 120 Gus Roberts
£100 No 11 Ted Simpson
December 2016
£50 No 46 Barbra Chapell
£100 No 111 Grahame Low
£500 No 80 Graham Philp
January 2017[b]
£50 No 36 Susan Fullerton
£100 No 48 Dave Innes
[b]February 2017

£50 No 69 Stuart Cameron
£100 No 84 Ted Simpson
£200 No 87 Anne Innes
March 2017
£50 No 19 Robin Young
£100 No 78 Fred Crowe
April 2017
£50 No 36 Susan Fullerton
£100 No 8 Phil Jones
£200 No 50 Roddy Bisset
May 2017
£50 No 44 Ian Matheson
£100 No 40 Grahame Howells
June 2017
£50 No 41 Gus Roberts
£100 No 12 Derek Stewart
£200 No 87 Anne Innes
July 2017
£50 No 67 Iain Bell
£100 No 22 Bob Baldie


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