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Swansea Uplands
Sun 15 Apr 10:30 - Friendly

Tumble Tournament

With 2 groups we were tasked with Playing Lampeter, Hendy, Nantgaredig, Whitland and St Clears. We won 3, drew 1 and lost 1!

Well today was the first of the summer tournaments and pitted us against teams that we dont usually play, on a plastic pitch which was 18 yards wide and refs that we dont know (say no more there)!!!

First up was Hendy tough game first out but everybody tagged really well from the start with 1 6 tag turnover, we came out with 2 tries from Charlie G and Ben Sull we won 2-1

Second up was Nantgaredig, another tough opponent with 2 really good and quick players to deal with. Tagging was again first class (2 6 tag turnovers) and even though the game was a little disjointed we came through 5 -4 with tries from Katie T (1), Athson H (1), Robbie M (1) and Charlie G (2)

Third was St Clears. A really hard fort game with some difference is style saw us have to pass much better and we maintained a great defence with another 2 6 tag turnovers, saw us draw 5-5 with Tries from Charlie G (2), Ben S (2) and Robbie mm (1). Would have been a win but for some differences of interpretation!!

Fourth game was Whitland!!!! A much different game and they had some really slick players albeit they were much more physical than what we are used to. The ref appeared to like hand offs and physically pushing players rather than tagging!!! It what was arguablly the best game of the day saw us to and fro and we still managed to complete 3 6 tag turnovers! Our defence was really first class. We came out 2-3 losers with both tries from Charlie G

Last up was Lampeter. Another excellent defensive display saw us with numerous 6 tag turnovers and we completed a 6 - 4 win with tries from Alfie G (2), Charlie G (3) and Jacob (1).

All in all we played really well with some excellent performances from every one. Special mentions go to Sam R, great determenation with your defence and some great passes, Gabe S storming powerful runs and great tagging, Katie D good defensive work, Thomas D wonderful to see you getting stuck in all day; Finn great runs and good passing. All in all guys a great days performance which you should all be proud of, just need the parents now to get behind the players a little more!!!! Only joking great vocal support all day.

Thanks from Chris, Danny and Matt

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