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SRFC Disciplinary Procedures

Disciplinary procedures

The Disciplinary Committee shall have jurisdiction to hold inquiries and impose punishment over all club players, members, officials and supporters, irrespective of level within the Club. That jurisdiction may be exercised where:

a) A player has been dismissed from the field of play by the Referee.

b) A player has been cited for foul play.

c) A player, Club Official or other member / supporter is reported in writing for

abuse/misconduct while he/she is on Club premises, or deemed to be representing the club elsewhere.

Dismissed from the Field of Play

In all cases where the Referee has sent off a player, that player is automatically ineligible for selection until otherwise advised by the Disciplinary Committee. The player or, in the case of Colts or Mini and Youth Section the player's team coach/manager, must inform the Club Secretary within 24 hours, giving the name, address and telephone number of the player concerned, along with the reasons for the sending off. The Club Secretary is obliged to inform Dorset & Wilts RFU's Disciplinary Chairman within 72 hours after the match, the name and address and contact telephone number of any player who has been ordered off the playing enclosure including players under the age of 17.

Notice of Hearing

Where a player has been sent off, or a player/member/Club Official/supporter has been reported for abuse by a match official, or where the Disciplinary Committee is satisfied that there is a case for a player/member/Club Official/supporter to answer following a citing or an allegation of misconduct, then a notification of hearing will be forwarded (usually by e-mail) that will include the specific charge (together with a copy of the Referee's Report when possible) or allegation to the person named therein, notifying date, time and place appointed for the hearing. The recipient should also be informed that in the event of him/her denying the allegation, he/she may also provide supporting evidence by way of witnesses to assist in their rebuttal. The hearing shall take place as soon as possible and preferably within 7 days of the alleged incident, (on the basis that notification to the Club Secretary has occurred within the stated 24 hours).


The following procedure shall be adopted at all disciplinary hearings.

a. The player/member/official/supporter in question must attend the hearing in person unless they can demonstrate to the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee sufficient reason not to. Failure to do so could result in an adjournment and continuation of suspension until such time as he/she can attend a re-arranged hearing.

b. Youth & Mini players should be accompanied by a parent or guardian; Colts players may be accompanied by a parent or guardian if they wish.

c. In the case of Colts and Mini & Youth Section players, the player's head coach should also be in attendance.

d. The Chairman will explain the procedure before the hearing commences.

e. Details of the conduct alleged will be explained. If the Referee's Report has been received it will be read.

f. The person appearing before the Disciplinary Committee shall be asked whether the allegations being the subject of the hearing are admitted.

g. If the allegations are not admitted the person against whom the allegations are made shall be entitled to give and to call evidence in rebuttal. Questions may be put to each witness by any member of the Disciplinary Committee. The Chairman may allow direct questioning of witnesses if he considers it to be fair to do so.

In all cases the person answering the allegations shall have the right of the last word.

The Chairman will then invite all persons other than the members of the Disciplinary Committee to retire whilst the Committee considers its decision.

The Committee having reached their decision, the player's previous disciplinary record will be taken into account.

In the event of a person, having been given due notice, failing to attend, the case will be adjourned and, after reasonable attempts have been made to agree a date, the individual will be advised in writing that, unless a satisfactory reason can be given, his attendance is required at the adjourned hearing. Should the individual, without good reason, fail to attend the adjourned hearing, the Disciplinary Committee shall have discretion whether to hear the case in his absence or to adjourn the case further. At any adjourned hearing at which a player does not attend, the Committee, if it decides not to hear the case, may suspend a player until such time as he appears, in which event every reasonable attempt will be made to agree with the player the date for a further hearing. Alternatively, at an adjourned hearing of which the Committee is satisfied that an absent player received due notice, the Committee may find him guilty in his absence and impose an appropriate penalty.

Note: The responsibility for determining the date of a hearing rests solely with the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee whose decision is final.

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