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Welcome to Teddington Minis. If you would like to join us for the new season please see the Join us section for details of places available and what to do to register with the Club.

Teddington Minis is one of the most successful minis sections in the country. We have a commitment to good fun and good rugby provided in a friendly, family orientated environment. Our ethos at all levels is to train for fun and play matches and festivals to win. The hallmark of the club is its inclusiveness and its warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere coupled to on field success.

Mini rugby is a specially designed approach to rugby that introduces boys and girls to the key aspects of the game in a structured and safe manner. Children play in groups from U6 to U12, attaining new skills and gaining a wider appreciation of the game as they progress from age group to age group. Just as important, children learn about the camaraderie and the philosophy of rugby, making new friends from a wide range of schools and backgrounds.

To deliver training in an effective and child centred manner, we have over 100 RFU qualified coaches. They are committed, enthusiastic and have a well-developed understanding of the needs of children and how is best to communicate to them. Our coach to child ratio is one of the best in the country with 1 coach per 5.5 children.

Training takes place on Sunday mornings at Bushy Park, starting at 09:45am, usually with skill development activities followed by matches. Each session finishes at approximately 11:45am. There are a large number of home and away fixtures against some of the best mini clubs in the country and we participate in several festivals, particularly in the second half of the season. The facilities at Bushy Park are excellent with sustenance available throughout the training period. At the end of each session more serious refreshment and meals are provided in the Club House. As a member of Teddington RFU you benefit from our affiliation with Harlequins and the Senior Club, in particular gaining access to discounted match day tickets at the Stoop and the International tickets.

As a minis club, our objective is to provide children with a positive experience of rugby and all that it entails. The engagement of his or her family in the club is an important part of achieving this goal. If you'd like to find out more, please contact us, or visit the Senior or Ladies pages. Alternatively, turn up at Bushy Park on a Sunday morning when we're at home and see for yourself.

For new joiners please contact Elke Pearce Minis Registration Manager 07581402689 Elke Pearce

Minis Chairman Julian Knott 07930400721 Julian Knott

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Sunday 09:45 Bushy Park


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