Te Puke Sports and Recreation Club

Te Puke Sports and Recreation Club
By Dan Goodwin | 26th April 2011


Welcome to our Second newsletter and the beginning of the 2011 J.M.C rugby season-

February 2011



Welcome to our Second newsletter and the beginning of the 2011 J.M.C rugby season- one I am sure will follow in the previous vane with inspiration, determination and success for all our boys, both on and off the field.

A big thank you to our major sponsors Marshall Farms and Orchards and Japanese Outboards and Spares Ltd. Japanese Outboards and spears is offering our club members a 10% discount on all work and parts. Also a big thank you to our team sponsors for their support and generosity Farmland,Trevelyans,Cheetham Excavators,Cavanagh Group,BOP Roofing, Marshall farms and Mackie signs,Wrightsons. All sponsors of the club should be supported, it’s a real dollar they are putting up so let’s give back what we can.

Also coaches must attend the Small Blacks Coaches course to be held at the ED Clubrooms on Sunday10 of April at 10am and 11 of April at Mount clubrooms at 6pm. For any enquires please ring Wade...

There are team drink bottles for the kids to share, how ever it can be suggested that they bring their own water bottle to prevent any problems. If there is going to be game cancellations you can here about them on 95 BOP fm or 93.4 more fm at 7and 730am on the morning of the game.

Don’t forget about FAMILY FRIDAY NIGHTS which will be held on the last Friday of every month over the rugby season. We hope to have entertainment for the kids a meal at a good price and the bar open on these nights; the idea is to get all the club members together young and old so please try and make an effort to get to, FAMILY FRIDAY NIGHTS on the last Friday night of every month. The last family Friday night was our JMC training night which considering the rain I felt it was a grate success for those that came and an enjoyable night


We have been asked if we would like to run the gate during the season for home games with fundraising in mind this will involve parent participation and is a great way for us to get the boys New jerseys paid for so please help when asked. It is going to be good to see all the boys in New jerseys but I had to borrow money to make it happen so we will have a few raffles to sell and the gate to do. We also have the old jerseys for sale as training jerseys at $10 each the money is going towards the New jerseys.

If you are in need of new shorts or socks they are available at Don Bayliss or Te Puke Sports World to purchase.

With the help of the sponsors we have got, balls and pumps, mouth guards, bags, ball bags and have the coaches in coaching t-shirts. Thank you again.

The first game of the season is 7 May. With weigh ins out of the way it looks like we will have teams in under7with the coaches being Jamie and Andre, under8 with the coaches being Spider and John,Under9 Anaru and john and Jason,under10 Carl and John,under11 Rumeka and Craig and Wade, Under 13 Kim and Willy .Unfortunately we don’t have an under 12 dew to numbers.

In closing, I once again thank our major sponsors for their generosity. I know our boys will be the envy of many clubs as they proudly use their sponsored gear, as provided by the sponsors’ efforts.

Please call me regarding any matter herein, or other J.M.C matters you may wish to discuss.

Yours Sincerely

Wade Evans

J.M.C President

Ph Home; 573 4468

Mob; 029 7755 037

Email; wadeandkat@clear.net.nz

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