The Legends Cricket Club - Aberdeen

The Legends Cricket Club - Aberdeen


By Phil Gill, 3rd May 2010

This website is meant to be a light-hearted attempt to poke fun at ourselves, our team mates, our style of cricket and our opponents. Most of you will not see what's said about our opponents cos we keep that bitty in the private section of the forum!!! Most of you will, I hope, smile. If yer nae happy wi the content please accept our sincere condolences that your sense of humour died at birth. Please feel free to contribute to the forum......If we're nae happy wi a threed, it'll just get booted oot.

Fa's like us?????????????......... Nea mony n their ah deid!!!!

None of the persons portrayed on this website are alive and any passing resemblance to a living or dead person is purely coincidental.

Yours sincerely

Alf Garnett.


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