The Legends Cricket Club - Aberdeen

The Legends Cricket Club - Aberdeen
By Phil Gill | 12th July 2010

Its gonna be NOISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its gonna be NOISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image

The Nightriders visit APS tomorrow and following the antics of last season, a NOISY evening is anticipated.

Lock up you windows and batten down the hatches as the Knightriders visit the park. Last season was an eyeopener with much hysterical appealing and cheering which caused Miss DeBoat to close her windows and fret about the state of the universe. Not to be deterred she has asked the local noise abatement society to attend a garden supper unaware that The Very Reverend Justin Thyme of Cults North Church, had recently joined the society. Look out for some unbiased umpiring!!!!!!!

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