Thrumpton Cricket Club

Thrumpton Cricket Club
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Over the years in Cricket players will always remember the sweetly timed "On Drive" they played that went effortlessly to the boundary for six runs off the best bowler in the league.

They will always remember when coming on to bowl, the outswinging offbreak googly that took the middle stump out of the ground to take opposition clubs Aussie pro.

They never seem to forget the catch where they ran from Long On to Square Leg, dived and caught the ball one handed.

In all the years they play, alzheimers kicks in when they are reminded about being bowled out first ball to the goofy 12 year old or the wides in the scorebook entered in pen that cannot be erased.

Champagne moments was brought into the club so that amazing feats as well as funny or embarrassing situations of Thrumpton players can never be forgotten. Be warned while playing for Thrumpton you are always being scrutinised

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Rothera Dowson Div C

1 Wollaton 2nds 177
2 Hoveringham 177
3 Thrumpton 142
4 Keyworth 134
5 Kirkby Portland 132
6 Hucknall 2nds 129
7 Wilsons 117
8 Gotham Village 113
9 Newark R & M 89
10 Radcliffe on Trent 76