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Thrumpton Cricket Club
By Ray Smithson | 9th March 2012

Mini Badgers Nets

Mini Badgers Nets image

Sunday night saw the 4th training session for the Juniors and Mini Badgers at East Leake Leisure Centre. We asked the coaches how the training is looking.

Coach for the Mini Badgers and Under 12's Mark Priestley replied
"We cannot believe the interest we are getting. Sunday night we had 18 players plus 2 new recruits for coaching, with new players turning up every week. So far individual coaching sessions for the Mini Badgers have focussed on a couple of batting strokes, the forward drive and the pull and with the ball we are getting them accustomed with their bowling action. The younger players are adapting well".

Coaching partner Mark Sampson added.
"With the Under12's playing hard ball for the first time the players are getting used to wearing pads and helmets. They have been in them for 4 weeks now. There are really some talented players out there. Jonty Rye came last week and Callum Bates came Sunday night as part of their ECB Young Team Leader course and both commented the quality of players so young".

When asked about the Juniors Paul Burns commented,
"The successful players of last season are back in full force, a couple of inches taller with a lot more strength to supplement their timing with the bat. The coaches have been concentrating on improving their confidence of playing more off the “Front Foot” when playing attacking shots.

Once again the accent for bowlers is to ensure they get their individual “Run Up” right so they are comfortable with it when they make their delivery stride. This year the under 15’s will be playing on a full 22yd wicket and consistency in bowling good line and length will be essential.

They are champing at the bit waiting for the clocks to change so they can get out on grass. Nick Proverbs is adapting well with coaching and the future looks bright.

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