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Thrumpton Cricket Club

New Nets Update

By Ray Smithson, 19th Mar 2012

The new black double net is now in place and minor modifications are being done to finish it in time for the new season. Colin Dyne has been working on laying the new astroturf and tests were done Sunday morning to test that the bounce is of a correct height. The surround to the artificial wicket is being done this week and with a bit of light roller work everything is on schedule.

The mobile net has also been recovered with a 12 inch barrier around the base to stop balls escaping. A couple of new wheels have also been purchased.

With the nets finishing at Trent Bridge on the 26th March and with the extra 1 hour of daylight this allows players to get the extra batting and bowling practice at night

Please note that spikes of any kind are not allowed on any of the astroturf strips. Respect is needed as a lot of fundraising and hard work has gone into giving players better conditions to practise.

It is also dangerous to wear spikes on this surface. AstroTurf is very unforgiving, not providing the natural give of grass.The type of slide or give a natural grass surface would have is completely different..Training or playing in spikes leads to many knee tears, leg, and foot injuries due to spikes sticking. Also, just playing on such a hard surface over time lead to more wear-and-tear on the knees, feet, and ankles.

More photographs can be seen in the photographs section

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