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11 months ago By Tom Slater

The VERY personal views of David Shuttleworth

Timperley U12B 1 - Mellor 37
Lacrosse is a game where good stick handling can allow a team to dominate possession and therefore the game.

In recent years the need to target younger ages has meant that, particularly in the U12 age group, the age span can be large, certainly too large with boys from Yrs 4 or even 3 facing up to boys from Yr7.

Attempts are being made to address the problem with the introduction of U8 and U10 tournaments on occasional Sundays. However, the matter will not be fully addressed until U8 and U10 games are held on a regular weekly basis with all the implications for facilities and coaches and managers that that will bring.

On Saturday a young and inexperienced Timperley team with a bare 10 players faced up to a strong Mellor team which is one of the strongest teams in the age group. The result was never in doubt but the decision of Mellor to crush the young Timperley side was disappointing. Their attitude seems to have been justified by them on the basis of that they were revenging themselves for some perceived irregularity committed by Timperley some 4 or 5 years ago.

There are many ways that a dominant team can react to a situation.
• Change players positions
• Take your best players off.
• Play with your weak hand
• Insist on your team making 3 or 4 passes before shooting
• I have even known an England women’s team facing a team from a new nation scoring in alphabetic order.

I understand that the latter course is favoured by Jack Brook but that Ollie White does not share his enthusiasm.
In recent years the Mellor junior programme has produced some outstanding players who have been well coached but I would like to think that, with the benefit of hindsight, the U12 coaches might consider their behaviour a mistake.

You might think that such a thrashing might put youngsters off Lacrosse but it seems Timperley heads never dropped and they consumed their hotdogs and chips with relish (that means enthusiasm not the hot dog accompaniment!).

Something to write home about
Timperley Girls continue to dominate local representative Lacrosse. Following our prominence on the County U18 squads we have achieved similar dominance on the U15 selections. Huge congratulations to all our girls.

Lancs A Team (13 out of 18):
Elise Humblet (captain)
Maddie Lord (captain)
Evelyn Morris (captain)
Charlie Bell
Ana Green,
Alice Allan,
Henny Wright,
Sophie Hurlstone
Charlotte Christian
Grace Adams
Chloe Ferguson
Jasy Torevell
Elsa Hopley-Catalan

Lancs B Team (8 out of 18):
Emma Maxwell (captain)
Elena Rink (captain)
Mia Bowie
Karma Kabbani
Jodie Pollard
Emma Whitley
Katie Young
Tilly Young

Altrincham the resurgent town
I am an Altrincham boy so the fight back by the town in recent years has given me a real boost.

I regularly take a walk through the town centre and up to the market to buy pies from the Great North Pie Company (fantastic). Every visit there are fresh signs of Altrincham’s resurgence . New shops like Gift and Home and Jake’s Shoes will soon be joined by Warren’s Bakery and Tim Horton’s.

The development on the site of the old hospital continues apace and the new Altair development is due on site soon.

The closing of Slug and Lettuce was a disappointment but rumours are that it has been bought by a property company with a view to turning the empty and unused upper floors into accommodation and refurbishing the ground floor retail space.

All good progress.

Brexit postscript.
The Brexit position gets more and more chaotic and depressing. The likelihood of a deal seems to get more distant and a very hard Brexit the most obvious outcome.

The view that the EU 27 will eventually agree a deal does not, I think, reflect the true position. We spent a deal of time in Europe over the summer with two trips to France, two to Italy, one to Spain and a fascinating visit to the Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. I can assure you that Brexit is not the first thing on peoples’ minds when they wake up in a morning. Most people have heard of it but their basic reaction is “If you are going to leave then leave. We would prefer you to stay but you have always been a pain in the neck. However, do not expect a deal that is advantageous to you in any way. “

To all the 27 the political EU is much more important than the economic one. Countries like Estonia which were in the old eastern block credit their relative prosperity and stability that they have to their membership of the EU. Every government building in Tallin has 3 flags flying outside it – the Estonian flag, the EU flag (the only building in Manchester to fly the EU flag is the Midland Hotel!) and the NATO flag. I did not know NATO had a flag.

All the Baltic states are very conscious of their recent history with every family knowing someone who was executed or imprisoned by the Russians. They have learnt to live with the proximity of Russia. It is pointed out that “Russia 20 kilometres that way.” In each hotel we stayed in in Tallin, Riga and Vilnius there were NATO troops billeted. Germans, Canadians and Americans. UK is the lead nation in Estonia with 800 troops in a permanent camp, all told there are around 8,000 NATO troops in the Baltic States.

The likelihood of all of the 27 EU states agreeing to any deal with the UK is nil in my opinion. So we leave with the horrendous outcomes for the UK economy.

Updated 16:02 - 22 Nov 2017 by David Loveland

Where next?

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