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Trafford MV RFCC

New Club Community Room

By Andrew Eccles, 26th Mar 2013

TMV Clubhouse Redevelopment March 2013

As many of you will know, a small group has been working on the next phase of redeveloping the clubhouse facilities.

Five years ago we developed the new changing room block, to provide us with one of the best such facilities in the area. Two years ago we carried out a much needed refurbishment of the clubhouse lounge.

The club continues to grow; in terms of membership and its wider appeal to the community, as a facility used by many, on most days of the week.
The club Development Group last year identified a need to improve the facilities offered in the clubhouse, to match the needs of the club members and stakeholders.

The key points to be addressed were:

Community Room. A new room will provide flexibility for community use e.g. playgroup, fitness group etc. and club use, particularly to accommodate children on Sundays, for whom we currently do not provide internal shelter.
Kitchen. The existing kitchen facilities are not fit for purpose. We are unable to provide an adequate service to enable us to provide refreshments and food to members.
Income. The improved facilities will enable us to generate more income from food and private hire, in order to invest in the wider club.

After considering options, it has been agreed that we will link the existing clubhouse building with new kitchen facilities and the existing changing room block with a new community room, after demolition of the cricket changing room and kit stock room.


The plans now published on the club website and displayed within the club, illustrate the proposals we have developed to date.
These plans are not final. Principally they have been prepared to enable us to determine a budget and seek Planning Permission. The plans have been approved in principle by the Club Committee, but we now want to seek the views of members. Your opinion matters - this is your club and ultimately the members will be financing the project. We need your support.
If you have any comments to make – positive or negative – please let me know either verbally or by email between now and the end of April


Club development is funded from grants and loans, e.g. Sport England, RFU, ECB etc, but mainly from the income raised in the monthly club draw. Day to day costs of running the club are met from subscriptions and bar takings. The draw is hugely successful, but it could be even better. Please consider if you can afford another number - at only £10 per month with the chance to win cash prizes, it represents excellent value for money, even in these recessionary times, and don’t forget that we can claim the tax back if you gift aid.


At present we don’t have a fixed programme. This depends largely on funding. Funding sources constantly change, but we have a small group which is actively looking at options to raise funds via grants and loans, to add to our own capital.

Construction will take a few months and we will aim to minimise the inevitable disruption to the club. Building in the summer months would be the best option, but is not essential. Realistically, we should have the new facility complete during summer 2014, if not before.

This is your club. The more you put in, the more you can enjoy it.
Your support in this project is necessary to help maintain Trafford MV as......... ‘The best club in the world’.


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  1. Wilf Dooley over 2 years ago

    Please take a few minutes to look at the Community Room plans attached and also on show in the Clubhouse.
    Your thoughts and views would be appreciated
    Are you in favour - its a pat on the back for those involved if yiou are !
    Have we missed anything that you consider to be important - it's not too late for amendments to be considered.
    Is it fit for purpose - will it do the job intended - is it what we need.
    Can you help in fundraising / contribute to the planning or workload / do you have any valuable contacts that could help us - as a club with a very wide membership we do not always appreciate the talents we have in our midst - please step forward if you think you can help us - VOLUNTEER !

  2. Mike Peel over 2 years ago

    Nice to see the club going from strength to strength it's a hub for the local community. Better facilities will compliment the best asset (the members & committee) long may tmv continue to be the best club in the area!

  3. OLeary Simon over 2 years ago

    Love the ambition around this, this is absolutely about the club's wider impact, and giving our youngsters a great experience on and off the pitch. They are our future first team players so it's brilliant that the extension and changes will improve the social element as well.

  4. Nick Garner over 2 years ago

    Could the touch rugby team be incorporated into Trafford MV? To make it the Trafford MV touch team? We'd get more subs then? Just a thought.

  5. Andy Pennington over 2 years ago

    Like the plans a lot!

    Does the kitchen need serving hatches to both rooms? Nice idea of serving outside through a hatch though.

  6. Wilf Dooley over 2 years ago

    I think it's important to note that this particular phase of development owes much to our need to cater for our very successful mini/junior/youth section of Rugby (which we hope some of the lads may also join our Cricket section over the Summer - at no additional cost , your annual subs cover both sports!) and also our need to foster improved relationships with the wider community and bring other groups into the Club.
    The bootcamp / radio club / softball touch rugby all add benefits such as bar takings / function bookings / word of mouth publicity - we need to be better at utilising these contacts and growing the associated benefits.

  7. stuart oram over 2 years ago

    Both andy's I think the proposals are spot on and I will assist where i can keep up the good work

  8. Andrew Eccles over 2 years ago

    Hey Andy - just leave it out, you'll end up creating work! No comments clearly means that the members are happy with what's on offer.

  9. Andrew Lord over 2 years ago

    And can't believe that's the total of the comments or feedback out there amongst all our members on this important club development project ...

  10. Andrew Lord over 2 years ago

    Cheers Nick, I'm sure we can find a role for your expertise and experience on the project as it develops.

  11. Nick Garner over 2 years ago

    I'm a restaurant manager in the hospitality industry and would be happy to help with the bar/kitchen layout if needed, a well designed kitchen can boost productivity enormously. I can also recommend products to stock in order to hopefully boost bar sales. That's if you haven't got someone doing it already.

  12. Wilf Dooley over 2 years ago

    The plans look to give us an improved functional use and moves us on yet another step in our development - and as stated above we need to see our whole membership getting involved and getting behind the Club and its Committee in its efforts to keep improving.
    The plans look good to me - well done Andrew

  13. Andrew Lord over 2 years ago

    Come on all you webiste lurkers out there, I know you've had Easter weekend away from minis/junior rugby, but I can't believe there isn't anyone connected with the club who doesn't have views or feedback on the proposed clubhouse developments. After all ....

    This is your club. The more you put in, the more you can enjoy it.
    Your support in this project is necessary to help maintain Trafford MV as.........
    ‘The best club in the world’.

  14. Andrew Lord over 2 years ago

    Great summary Mr Eccles, and good to see us using the website to improve communication.
    Any chance you can send me a soft copy of this note to help chase the funding.

    Thanks, Andy

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