Grievance / Disciplinary Procedure
All players, parents, coaches and volunteers are subject to the Rules & Regulations of the RFU and Tring Rugby Club. A set of Club Rules is printed in the Fixtures Booklet that all registered players receive.

The Mini and Junior section of the Club is run by a Committee made up of coaches, treasurer, fixtures secretaries and nominated officials such as the Wasps partnership coordinator, registration officer and tuck shop manager. This Committee is responsible for handling any complaints, queries or disciplinary matters relating to the Mini and Junior section.

Any player or parent that has a grievance should initially approach the Lead Coach for that particular player’s age group. Should their grievance not be resolved to their satisfaction they can, through the Committee’s Chairman, seek resolution from the Committee. The player/parents’ grievance should be put in writing for the attention of the Committee’s Chairman. The player/parents’ issue will be raised at one of the monthly Committee meetings and a resolution agreed. The Chairman will then communicate this back to the player/parent.

A coach, referee, player or parent of the Club may invoke a disciplinary procedure.

Another Club may also be given notice to the Club of issues that may result in a disciplinary procedure being invoked.

Upon a disciplinary grievance being submitted the Committee will form a three person disciplinary panel that will be responsible for:
• Gathering the necessary information in regards to the case.
• Planning and communicating a hearing date.
• Take into account the child’s age and ensure a parent or guardian is present.
• Hear the evidence from each party in an even-handed manner.
• Give due deliberation and communicate their findings and recommendations to the player, the player’s coach, the player’s parent or guardian, any other Club or individual involved, the Mini and Junior committee and the Senior club’s Chairman and any other body.

If the player or parent or guardian or any other officiating body objects to the disciplinary panel’s judgement, the matter can be appealed to the Club’s Senior committee and finally the relevant RFU body.

In all of the following situations there will be an automatic disciplinary procedure:
• If any player is sent off during a match or competition be that match at home or away.
• If any person is alleged to have bullied or attacked any other person on Club property or whilst representing Tring Rugby Club.
• If any person is reported to be damaging Club property.

In extreme situations a person may be temporarily suspended from attending or participating in any of Tring RUFC’s training and matches prior to their disciplinary hearing. Those situations include, but are not limited to:
• Abuse, either racial or sexual.
• Assault on any Club official or representative.
• Any situation resulting in Police attendance.

In such cases the disciplinary hearing will be convened as quickly as possible and their temporary suspension will be taken into account of the disciplinary committee’s findings.

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