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Under 15's Jets - Match centre

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Uckfield Grasshoppers '81 JFC
Crawley united black
B Cusack (11'), f O'shea McGuinnes (11'), M Vane (60')
Full time
Sun 26 Feb TBC - League

It was all about the headers!!

The Jets walked out as a team and played as a team.

Crawley won the toss and kicked off, The Jets didn't let that slow them down!
Jay, Connor , Matt D and Matt V got stuck straight in and went knocking on Crawley's door.
Finlay stepped up to the corner - Crawleys big number 6 blocked are path. Jay was ready for Crawley's attack and Daniel forced the play wide.
Ollie set the goal kick up, Toby received the ball and charged down the pitch a swift pass to Matt D who was able to knock the ball on to Finlay shot went wide.
Gabby was ready for the counter attack, Toby used his head to keep the ball out of danger.
The charge came back towards us, Daniel pulled off another cracking header to keep the play in Crawley's half. Evan made it first to the ball again looked for the cross but crawleys 2 huge centre backs closed us down.
Finlay took off on another charge, Crawleys back line closed us down again. Evan won the ball back and sailed it towards the box where Ben was ready 1-0.
Zac moved into midfield and used his pace on the wing, Crawley couldn't keep up with the quick switch of play.
As Crawley kicked off Evan swooped straight in and won the ball, Jay backed Evan up, Knocking the ball up into the air Connor used his head and got the ball to Matt V who jumped and headed the ball forward, Evan made the moves and created the assist for Finlay to smack the ball in the goal. 2-0

Second half started and Matt V was hungry for a goal, Finlay set him up but a tumble in the box saw Matt V's shot going wide!
Ben pushed in hard and set Matt V up once again but the ball landed in the keepers arms.
Toby challenged, won the ball and took off up the pitch - Evan was ready to take the ball to the box, Matt V was ready once more only for the keeper to prevent the goal.
Jay and Connor needed to link up to keep possession, Zac made the space and the Jets continued the charge.
The Jets were caught off guard by the big drop kick from the keeper, the second bounce created a gap in the solid back 4 Ollie came out but the shot was quick and on target. 2-1.
Daniel blocked the charge, Toby and Ben pulled of bouncing headers to put the attack back in our favour - Evan made it first to the ball once more, zac was ready to send the ball back into the box.
Gabby with a well place kick intercepted the pass, Crawley sent it straight back, Toby was ready with a sonic kick straight into the arms of the waiting keeper!
Ollie placed the ball perfectly to Gabby who managed to find Finlay, Finlay was pushed wide to the corner but knocked the ball to the top of the Box, Ben went for the shot hit the post Matt V got the rebound but over the bar it went.
Charlie S came on and hit the ground running, his positive impact lifted the Jets play once more. Connor got his spring back, Gabby came up solid Evan took on several players before lining Matt V up on target - finally we heard the whoosh of the net 3-1 about time Matt V.

A wonderful display of team work, Man of the match goes to Evan for using his newly found confidence and playing a vital role in the assists to the 3 goals.

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Evan Lester

Player of the Match

Evan Lester

Key moments

Goal Ben Cusack scores for Uckfield Grasshoppers '81 JFC
Goal finlay O'shea McGuinnes scores for Uckfield Grasshoppers '81 JFC
Goal Matthew Vane scores for Uckfield Grasshoppers '81 JFC


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70:00 Player of the Match
Evan Lester is awarded player of the match for Uckfield Grasshoppers '81 JFC
60:00 Goal 3 - 0
Matthew Vane scores for Uckfield Grasshoppers '81 JFC
End of period 1
10:25 Goal 2 - 0
finlay O'shea McGuinnes scores for Uckfield Grasshoppers '81 JFC
10:20 Goal 1 - 0
Ben Cusack scores for Uckfield Grasshoppers '81 JFC
Start of the game
Replay game

As it happened

  • Uckfield Grasshoppers '81 JFC
  • Crawley united black
  • 0
  • Ben Cusack Goal 10:20'
  • finlay O'shea McGuinnes Goal 10:25'
  • Matthew Vane Goal 60:00'

Team selection

Burchett, ollie Burchett, ollie
Hainge, Jaylan Hainge Hainge, Jaylan Hainge
bodsworth, toby bodsworth, toby
Filsel, Connor Filsel, Connor
Bradford, Daniel Bradford, Daniel
McWilliams, Gabriel McWilliams, Gabriel
Lester, Evan Lester, Evan
Vane, Matthew Vane, Matthew
Cusack, Ben Cusack, Ben
O'shea McGuinnes, finlay O'shea McGuinnes, finlay
Duc, Matthew Duc, Matthew
Uckfield Grasshoppers '81 JFC
  • 1. ollie Burchett
  • 2. Jaylan Hainge Hainge
  • 3. toby bodsworth
  • 4. Daniel Bradford
  • 5. Gabriel McWilliams
  • 6. Evan Lester
  • 7. Matthew Duc
  • 8. Matthew Vane
  • 9. Connor Filsel
  • 10. Ben Cusack
  • 11. finlay O'shea McGuinnes
  • 12. Zac Ruane
  • 13. Charlie Stevens


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