University of Florida Men's RFC

University of Florida Men's RFC

UFRFC Spring '14 Alumni Weekend!

March 9th, 2014:

To the UFRFC Alumni:

We’ve announced, we’ve listened to your feedback, we’ve made the plans, and now we can’t wait for the date… the Spring ‘14 UFRFC Alumni Weekend is almost here!

We start off the weekend with a huge SEC match, as the (2-1) Florida Gators take on (1-1) Vanderbilt for our second home game of the season! The Gators know that they must win to keep their second place ranking, so we look forward to a big crowd to cheer on the UFRFC to an even bigger win.

Saturday night, we will have the annual Spring Gainesville Celebration that promises to be one of the best ones yet! Find the event page online or ask around, because it will be an event that you won’t want to miss!

Finally, we get together on Sunday morning for the best tradition of them all: the UFRFC Alumni Match! After a long night of entertainment, we rise bright and early to play the very sport that brought all of us together. Come out as the UFRFC matches up against our favorite MasterGators!

Spring 2014 Alumni Weekend:

Date Time Event Location

03/15/14 1:30 PM UFRFC vs. Vanderbilt UVS Field

03/15/14 9:00 PM Annual Spring Celebration Announced at game or ask around

03/16/14 11:30 AM Alumni Game! UVS Field

All in all, we look forward to a full weekend of rugby and entertainment as we come together as one club. We can’t wait to host our very own Alumni and celebrate everything that the UFRFC stands for! We hope you can all make it out!

Once a Gator Rugger, always a Gator Rugger.


Jack Christmas


University of Florida

Men's Rugby


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