Mens 3rd XI - Match centre

University of Kent Men's 3s
Canterbury Christ Church Men's 2s
Wed 29 Feb TBC - League Full time

The best type of Poly, is a beaten poly

You don't have to bother reading it, we won, 2-1, well done us.


The 3's as we do every week just about managed to get a team together, and with one driver heroically and effectively ferrying the entire team there and back, followed by the inevitable realisation that we were playing at the pitch that poly farm has which is dramaticaly far away and strange to get to for no clear reason (CCCU architects at work no doubt).

Once we all met up and had a rough warm up, the battle began, and for the first 10 mins we were on the defensive, and for a team that are below us in the table, there was a large amount of ariels and LBZs going around, if only they spent that time training getting decent A levels am I right???

Anyway, hockey, we soon started to push back against them and earned ourselves a nice little short corner, Wilson went up for the hit, and after a perfect injection Mr Wilson delivered, scoring a huge goal and the crowd (Robin and Nik) carried on driving to the pitch, they wern't here at this point.

I shouldn't go any further without a special mention to Mr Threeman, who on defending a short corner, stopped an ariel ball, controlled it and cleared it well, a match winning save.

Later they got another short corner and got a lucky goal but thats not important really, by half time we were winning 1-1. With the 2nd half came what will go down in Kent Hockey history as the worst goal scored by a goalie ever, Jack "I want to play outfield wah" Bedford got the ball in the D and did some strange chip/hit/thing and probably said a big word to confuse their goalkeeper as it slowly crossed the line.

And after finishing the match with some brilliant work all over the pitch, we had won, shook hands with the future vice-assistant-deputy till operators at Burger King, headed to our warm down, 2 crates of fosters and a laugh at CCCU who were jogging round the pitch, seemingly taking it seriously, if only they took their UCAS applications so seriously.

Man of the Match- Threeman
Dick of the Day- No one

Jo"e" Commitment Castle


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