Mens 3rd XI - Match centre

University of Kent Men's 3s
King's College London Medics Men's 2s
Wed 14 Mar 13:00 - League Full time

That time we had enough players to have subs!!!

Big whoop wanna fight about it?


Something magical occured on Wenesday, something that the 3's have only ever heard talk of in Venue, we had more than enough players. I'll just let that sentence sink in. What was even more shocking is that we had too many to actually play with, and so we rounded up some of late arrivals and executed them, allowing us to play one of the games where things could have been amazing, but just wasn't. Also seeing that "subs"(?) are new to us, we took advantage of the 2's not playing and Ned became our manager, running the subs bench like he has been there his entire life.

Right, hockey time, all started well enough, they attacked a few times and each time the ball rocketed right into no where near the goal and allowed us to reset. We soon realised that these so called league leaders were but mere men, and that they had blood not snakebite couresing through their veins, this allowed us to gain an advantage by playing with such random fevour that the medics had no idea what to do. Having said that they did score a goal more depressing than even Bedders'sses or Digitses goal, as the ball slowly rolled towards the goal, swipes were made but all missed, and then one of their players with a sense of cowardlyness tapped it in.

Then at half time a rousing speech by Mr Digits put us back on the pitch at full fighting force and there were chances for us to score.
Irish Adam did a spectacular run and the ball just left his control as the goalie rushed out and stopped the oppurtunity. The half battled on and our rolling subs helped all of our boozed up bodies to stay in one peice. A short corner was awarded, and then the final whistle went, the entire team (except nik) went up, and readyed ourselves. The ball was injected out to Mr Wilson who had a bit of a fumble but still got it safely into the D again, then something happened and another short!!! Another chance for the glory of a draw!!

However no. No goal.

Our final match is next week and we should beat them, seeing that we have God on our side and supporters in our stand!

MOM- Threeman

DOD- Digits (yellow carded)

"Mr" Commitment Joe Castle


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