University of Plymouth Lacrosse

University of Plymouth Lacrosse

Final BUCS Fixture for the League Champions

By Dave Baldwin, 5th Mar 2012

This is the last BUCS game of the season and with the boys already being crowned champions we need to go out in style!

This is also the last big game for the boys before varsity so make a really big effort to get up to Marjons and cheer them on, maybe get the bus and bring a few drinks! don't care what the plan is just want to see a lot of support!

After the match we will all head to JSV for man of the match / dick of the day .... the girls have theirs from this weekend to drink as well so will be fun !

Then from there I think get home get changed get food and get to the lax house where the celebrations will officially begin !!

If you're going to be lame and take ages to get ready then i suppose you can meet us at brass monkey at 9ish !

DRESS CODE: Boys - shirts and ties,
Girls - i think maybe heels or dresses need to be brought out seeming it is a special occasion ?

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Fitz / Baldy xx


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  1. Dave Baldwin over 3 years ago

    Will do x

  2. Andrew Leighton over 3 years ago

    Game time! Baldy you might want to get in touch with the JSV to warn them that 60 people are descending on it at 4.30.....

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