University of Plymouth Lacrosse

University of Plymouth Lacrosse

“This is lacrosse, not rugby with sticks!”

By Demos Averkiou, 10th Mar 2012

So there it is, the regular season over, the league is won.

Marjons, the rivals, the enemy and on many occasion the comic relief. It was the final battle in a league that had already been won; all that was left was a victory over Marjons to win the league undefeated. After a 20-1 win over Marjons last time Plymouth came into the game with high hopes, aiming for a win of 33 goals to make the goal difference for the season exactly 100 it seemed in everyone’s mind that a victory was a foregone conclusion, but the question on everyone’s mind was, by how much?

The weather that morning was rain and it seemed as though it would stay like that throughout the day, but as UPLAX arrived at the enemy encampment the rain subsided, but the wind did not and seemed to be affecting the Marjons goals which seemed to be made out of polystyrene as they were slowly snaking their way across the pitch, much like Trigger on a dance floor.

The game began slightly unexciting with both Plymouth and Marjons feeling each other out, Marjons the more physical team but Plymouth with the better stick skills and composure, Plymouth began to settle nicely and a quick pass from Luke Binding allowed Simon Rogers to put Plymouth ahead, and from then on the goals in the first quarter just kept on coming, with Josh Rowland and David Baldwin all adding to the total.

The second quarter began with Plymouth seeming somewhat lacklustre, UPLAX still dominating most of the possession but having trouble finishing off, while Marjons possession seemed to consist of passing it round and round the UPLAX defence in an apparent attempt to make them dizzy but to no avail, the second quarter ended with UPLAX adding 6 more goals to the tally.

No matter how often Marjons attacked, the UPLAX defence was there to stop them, Chris Brann had once again another solid game and Chris Hewitt time dropping any Marjons player that got within 5 yards of him (with one player even jumping into him in a feeble attempt to stop him but Chris just swatted him down with his stick) Andy Leighton dropped a Marjons midi as he was running down the pitch and seemingly left him comatose while Matt Thomas (who never got his goal, sorry!!) finally did what everyone has too much kindness and morality to do and dropped the midget (though he fell to his knees first).

By the fourth quarter the stamina disparity between UPLAX and Marjons was becoming more and more evident. While Marjons may have had more possession of the ball, the once again, consistently strong UPLAX defence allowed Marjons not an inch of room with which to shoot from. The final quarter ended with UPLAX only scoring 2 goals.

The game ended with a deafening silence, UPLAX victorious but not enthused at the victory which secured their place as the champions of BUCS Western 1A division, 8 Wins, 0 losses and a goal difference of 81. When a 17-3 victory is not cause for celebration surely that is an incitement of the quality of lacrosse played this season. While the league may be over there a still 3 games left, Varsity, a week on Monday will be Plymouths final chance this season to embarrass Marjons and possibly get the score line desired this time round, and then the 2 legs of the play-offs against Essex or Reading. It has been a good season lads. We won together, we lost together, we celebrated and we mourned together, our defeats were softened and victories sweetened because we did them together. And now we move onto the post season, where we will show the South what we are made of.

Man of the match – Chris Brann. For once again having and excellent game, it should be noted that this was his second first team game and his second man of the match win.

Dick of the Day --- Tom Franklin – For taking out Will Roberts on the crease and for pre-emptively going down as he was going to be checked (though he claims he “fell” over).

Goal Tally,

Simon Rogers – 8
Joshua Rowland – 3
David Baldwin – 3
Luke Binding – 2
Will Roberts – 1


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