University of Warwick Ladies Hockey Club

University of Warwick Ladies Hockey Club

A Big Hand for Chopper, and a Good Luck to Martha Bates

By Hannah Louise McGown, 13th Jan 2012

Partly because I have nothing better to do at two in the morning than scratch some hockey related itches, but more importantly because this news article really needed to be written...

Following her successful role as Social Sec with Bam last season, Chopper deservedly took up the role of 1st XI (Club) Captain for this season. Losing the majority of her players from graduation and degree committal it was no easy ride, however Chopper managed to pull together a side of strong players to battle out the season with her. Even more impressively, Chopper managed to bind this team with strong friendship and team spirit, despite most of the team never having played together before. It therefore saddens me to confirm that Chopper has had to step down as Captain due to injury, an even more impressive act of committal to the team and the club. We wish her all the best with the injury, but don't fret you can still see her face supporting matches and at circle! Therefore, an extremely big hand should be given, as Chopper has put her all into the club, and has never let the side down; speaking on behalf of the team I can definitely say we were all proud to call her captain.

We have luckily been granted the grace of another strong captain to finish off our season and it just leaves me to say a massive big luck to Martha, I'm sure that you will fill Chopper's big shoes.


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