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USF Men's Rugby Club

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  1. Club News 10 months ago

    USF Rugby Club Player Code of Conduct

    By Gordon Campbell

    Documents to sign before your first practice. View News Item »

  2. Club News 10 months ago

    USF Rugby Individual Player Data Sheet

    By Gordon Campbell

    Each player is required to print/fill out this form and bring to you first USF Rugby clb practice. View News Item »

  1. Members 7 days ago
  2. Club News 10 months ago

    USA Rugby 2014/15 Game Management Guidlines

    By Gordon Campbell

    All players and coaches should understand how the referees have been instructed to manage play during a Rugby match. View News Item »

  3. Club News 11 months ago

    Seattle Seahawks Learn Rugby Tackles - Here is how

    By Gordon Campbell

    Hit the STRIKE ZONE (below the shoulders and above the knees) then - Wrap - Squeeze - Drive for 5. View News Item »

  4. Club News 1 year ago

    Peter Parker Shaw Scholarship Fundraiser Golf Tournament

    By Gordon Campbell

    Open this link ( to donate Or to enter the tournament. View News Item »

  5. Club News 1 year ago

    Scholarship and Award Applications

    By Gordon Campbell

    Applications Due NO LATER THAN April 11, 2014. View News Item »

  6. iPhone App 1 year ago
  7. Club News 1 year ago

    Peter Parker Shaw Scholarship Spring 2014 Application

    By Gordon Campbell

    Applications are due NO LATER THAN November 12. See document for details. View News Item »

  8. Club News 1 year ago

    USA Rugby - Referee Game Management Guidelines

    By Gordon Campbell

    This document must be read and understood by all new and old USF Rugby club player and coaches. View News Item »

  9. Club News 1 year ago

    USA Rugby 2013 - 2014 Registration Process (CIPP)

    By Gordon Campbell

    ALL players must be registered by September 3, 2013. This will cover you until August 31, 2014. View News Item »

  10. Club News 1 year ago

    International Rugby Board Beginners Guide to Rugby

    By Gordon Campbell

    Open the file for the International Rugby Board (IRB) booklet "Beginners Guide to Rugby". View News Item »


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