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1.The name of the club shall be "Uttoxeter Rugby Football Club".

2.The object of the club shall be to promote an interest in & encourage the playing of Rugby

Football in accordance with the Rules & Byelaws of the Rugby Football Union

3.The colours of the club shall be black & orange

4.Management of the Club shall be vested in a committee consisting of the officers of the club as

defined in Rule 5 & any other members who shall be co-opted at the discretion of the officers to

a maximum committee of 12. A quorum shall be seven members of the committee. The chair

shall if necessary, have a casting vote.

5.The officers of the club shall be as follows:-





Fixture Secretary

1st XV Captain

2nd XV Captain

Social Secretary

Patrons Secretary

All officers shall be elected annually and shall be eligible for re-election. All officers must be

members of the club.

6.The management committee, as defined in rule 4 shall be empowered to elect a steering

committee which will be answerable to the management committee and will be charged with the

long term development of the club. At any time a majority of the steering committee must also

be members of the management committee and the president chairperson and secretary will be

automatic members of the steering committee.

7.The management committee shall have the full authority and control of all matters relating to the

finances and administration of the Club so that the objective of the club shall be carried out in

accordance with these Rules.


i.Fill any vacancies occurring in the committee.

ii.Appoint and create terms of references for Sub Committees as they see fit

iii.Discipline any member who might owe monies to the club or whose conduct or

membership is deemed by the management committee to be contrary to the common

good of the club or its good name.

iv.To fix any subscription rates deemed to be necessary (Except for Annual rates which will

be recommended by the management committee and agreed at the annual general

meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose).

v.To make such Bye-Laws as they see fit to manage the club that may not be covered by

these rules and to deal with an and to deal with any matter arising that they deem to be

in the interest of the club.

vi.Teams shall be chosen by a committee consisting of the Club Captain (who shall be

chairperson), 2nd Team Captain and Head Coach. If deemed necessary the selection

committee may co-opt up to two more members.

8.The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held as soon as practical after the end of the

playing season. A quorum shall be defined as a minimum of 15 of the previous years paid up


9.An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened within 14 Days if requested in writing by at

least 15 paid up members and all members will be informed by post at their last known address

or by an advert in the local press.

10.At least 14 days notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given, in writing, to every paid up

member at his or her last advised address or by an advertisement in the local press. Any items

(other than those of rule 13) for inclusion in the Agenda must be lodged in writing, with the

Secretary at least 5 days prior to the advised date of the meeting,

11.Annual Membership Subscriptions shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting or an

Extraordinary General Meeting as defined in rule 7.iv, and shall be due in advance of the playing


12.A copy of the duly audited accounts shall be sent to each member with the notice of the annual

General Meeting as defined in rule 10.

13.Notice of any proposed alteration or amendment to these rules shall be lodged, in writing, with

the secretary at least 10 days before the Annual General Meeting unless an Extraordinary General

Meeting is requested in which case rule 9 will apply and details of the proposed alteration or

amendment shall form part of the written notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting. In case of

an AGM, details of the proposals shall be sent to every paid up member at his last advised address

at least 5 days before the AGM.

A 2/3 majority of those present at the General Meeting shall be required to carry an alteration or


14.The management committee shall only enter into any mortgage or otherwise borrow money if

empowered to do so by a majority at a General Meeting but if so empowered shall negotiate such

rates and terms as they see fit within the authority granted by that General Meeting.

15.In the event of dissolution of Uttoxeter RFC any monies or assets will be returned to sport and not

shared between members.

16.Every member of the club shall be bound by these Rules and Bye-Laws.


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