Waid Academy FPRFC

Waid Academy FPRFC

Waid FPRFC Membership List

Waid FPRFC Membership List

Membership costs are as follows:
Full £40
Student £20
Social £10
Family £50

Brian Hamilton Full
Keiran Doak Student/U20/Unem
Brian Adamson Full
Harry Brown Full
Kevin Anderson Full
Natalie Anderson Social
Mick McCowan Full
Ollie McCowan Social
Penny McCowan Social
John Murray Full
Holly Murray Social
Colin Mckenzie Hon. Life Member
Billy Hughes Hon. Life Member
Alan Gordon Hon. Life Member
Jock Davidson Hon. Life Member
Martin Doig Hon. Life Member
Alan Ramsey Hon. Life Member
Duncan Wood Hon. Life Member
Susan Stewart Social
Kevin Brady Social
Mark Stormonth Full
Michael Adamson Full
Eric Anderson Family
Mike Smith Social
Gary McLaggan Full
Euan Corstorphine Student/U20/Unem
Stuart Barton Social
Josh Anderson Student/U20/Unem
Richard Dyce Family
Graham Gourlay Social
George Hodge Student/U20/Unem
Zander Anderson Family
Lucas Miskiewicz Full
Alan Corstorphine Full
Kato Blockley Full
George Dunsire Family
Andy Anderson Social
Paul Brown Full
Sandy Murray Family
Peter Mason Full
Mark Paton Full
Mick Brewster Full
David Brown Full
Fergus Middleton Full
Bill Lamond Social
Robbie Fleming Full
George Barnett Family
Duncan Fraser Family
Andy MacIver Student/U20/Unem
Ian Mackie Social
Tony Chater Social
Ian Thompson Social
Kevin Mackie Social
David Smith Social
Andy Peddie Social
Steven Bogle Full
Iain Harrison Family
Allan Drysdale Full
Stuart Ferrier Full
Murray Dunsire Social
Adam Shaw Full
Bill Middleton Snr Full
Julie Middleton Social
Colin baird Family
David Chesney Family
Grant Hamilton Social
Ingred Berg Social
Sandy Hughes Full
Michael Brown Full
Billy Middleton Full
Chris Sneddon Full
Craig Stevenson Full
Calum McBain Social
Calum Archibald Full
Steven Wilson Social
Richard Thompson Social
David Maiden Full
Greame Johnston Social
Ross Doak Full
Alex Harkness Social
Kevin Calder Social
Geordie Hay Social
Paul Lindsay Student/U20/Unem
Kim Lindsay. Social


Jamie Anderson
Matthew Anderson
Cameron Baird
Robbie Dyce
George Barnett
Tom Murray
Tyler Simpson
Thomas Grubb
Jack Lumsden
Jonathan Chamberlain
David Broadley
Brodie Forgan
Becky Honeyman
Calum Myles
Alan Stephen
Rhuaridh menzies .
Flynn Johnstone-Hey
Gregg Suttie
Kirsty McRobb
Max lister
Finlay Jones
Paul Murray
Charlie Lewis
Billy Lewis
Jacob Pettifer
Duncan Anderson
Georgina Morris
Lewis Dowell
Christian Bongiorno
Patrick Anderson
James Chesney
Finlay Miles
Lochie Bodger
Tom Logan
Cameron Brown
Ben Brown
Sean Nicoll
Peter Matthews
Ewan Speight
Scott Teister
Dominic Coates
Ben Coates
James Sexton


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