Notable Players

C ABSALOM (1846-1889)
4 appearances. Played cricket for Kent and England, travelled around the USA with native indians and died when a crane he was loading with sugar cane collapsed.

Norman Coles BAILEY (1857-1923) [right]
1 appearance. Played for England against Scotland, Wales and Ireland and was Vice-President of the FA.

58 appearances - 15 goals. Baker played in two unofficial England games and played three first-class county cricket matches before briefly serving on the FA Committee.

Robert C BARKER (1847-1915)
20 appearances - 2 goals. Barker was the first England goalkeeper.

Morton Peto BETTS [right]
(Bloomsbury, 30th August 1847 - 19th April 1914)
Full Back / Forward; 29 appearances - 6 goals

Betts attended Harrow, becoming the first Honorary Secretary of Old Harrovians before moving to South America in 1877. He returned to earn a cap for England, before spending two years in Denmark then returned to become FA Vice-President. Betts played for Middlesex, Kent and Essex at cricket, becoming Secretary of Essex CC. He retired to France and died three years later - four months prior to the outbreak of war.

Francis Hornby BIRLEY
(Chorlton, 14th March 1850 - 1st August 1910)
Half Back; 32 appearances - 1 goal

Birley played fives, cricket and football for Winchester College and football for Oxford University. He graduated as a barrister, won 3 FA Cup winner's medals, gained two caps for England and played cricket for Lancashire and Surrey CCs.

Edward Ernest BOWEN
(Glenmore (IRE), 30th March 1836 - 8th April 1901)
Unknown; 46 appearances - 4 goals

Bowen was a schoolmaster at Marlborough College and Harrow School and played for Wanderers for 18 years, even playing in their last game at the age of 47. He earned one unofficial England cap, played one match for Hampshire CC, was a skater, mountaineer and cyclist - dying during a tour of the Cote d'Or.

WB CLOETE (1851-1915)
1 appearance. Cloete owned large estates in Mexico and owned the horses that won the 2000 Guineas in 1885 and The Oaks in 1911.

JM COTTERILL (1851-1933)
2 appearances. Cotterill was President of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) and could throw a cricket ball 121 yards.

Charles Ashpitel DENTON (1852-1932)
41 appearances - 11 goals. Denton played for ten seasons, appearing in the 1877 and 1878 cup finals.

John Hawley EDWARDS (1850-1893)
3 appearances - 2 goals. Edwards was capped by England then Wales, becoming first Secretary of the newly-formed FA of Wales.

Lord E FITZMAURICE (1846-1935)
6 appearances. Fitzmaurice was MP for Calne and Cricklade, under Secretary of State and a trustee of the National Portrait Gallery.

William Henry GLADSTONE, MP (1840-1891)
1 appearance. Gladstone was son of the Prime Minister, MP for Chester and Whitby, Lord of the Treasury and unofficially played twice for Scotland.

Dr. William Gilbert GRACE (1848-1915) [right]
2 appearances - 1 goal. "WG' or 'The Doctor', was a cricketing legend scoring over 54'000 runs over a 44-year career.

Frederick Thomas GREEN (1851-1928)
43 appearances - 2 goals. Green represented his school at racquets, cricket and rowing and gained a BA at Oxford before playing for five seasons, during which time Green qualified as a barrister and became Inspector of Schools.

George Hubert Hugh HERON
(Uxbridge, 30th January 1852 - 5th June 1914)
Wing Forward; 43 appearances - 15 goals

George and his brother, Frank, were the first brothers to play for England, he played in 3 FA Cup finals, put four past the Panthers in a 9-1 win and sat on the FA Committee.

Arnold F HILLS (1857-1927)
1 appearance. Hills was founder of West Ham United and Amateur Athletics Association 1-mile champion.

Thomas C HOOMAN (1850-1938)
40 appearances - 10 goals. Hooman was a prominent figure in Wanderers' first five seasons. Hooman gained two unofficial England caps, an FA Cup winner's medal, represented North versus South and played for London against Sheffield. However he appears to have retired from the game as early as 1873.

William Slayney KENYON-SLANEY [right]
(Rajkot (IND), 24th August
1847 - 24th April 1908)
Forward; 3 appearances - 1 goal

Kenyon-Slaney graduated from Oxford University and then served as a Lieutenant-Colonel in the 2nd Bn., Grenadier Guards during the Egyptian War of 1882, rising to the rank of Colonel. Kenyon-Slaney was MP for Newport North and, as a footballer, appeared in 3 FA Cup finals, scored twice for England in a 4-2 win over Scotland and played for Marylebone CC, scoring 145 runs in 11 innings.

L OGDEN (1847-1915)
6 appearances - 1 "touchdown'. Ogden played cricket for Canada versus Australia.

CA REEVE (1857-1936)
1 appearance. Reeve was City Editor of the Daily Telegraph.

44 appearances - 3 goals. After leaving Harrow School little else is known about him.

Alfred STAIR
2 appearances. Stair was the first FA Cup final referee

Julian Russell STURGIS (1848-1904)
7 appearances. Sturgis was the first American-born player to play in an FA Cup final - although he became a British national after the 1873 final.

Reginald de Courtenay WELCH
(17th October 1851 - 4th June 1939)
Goalkeeper; 49 appearances

Welch played so well in the first two FA Cup Finals that he was offered the role of Honorary Secretary for both Harrow Chequers and Old Harrovians. In one season, Welch kept a record 14 clean sheets.


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