100 Club

The Ware FC 100 Club - your chance to help the club and win for yourself.

The aim is to give our followers an opportunity to help the club for just £5 per month. In return they will be entered into the monthly draw for money prizes to the value of up to £250.

To enter please contact Mike Varney on 07766 726 720, speak to Ian behind the bar or send an email to the club directly at warefc@live.com with your contact details and we will get back to you.

**** APRIL 2017 WINNER - NIGEL LEE ****

Rules and regulations of the 100 Club

1. The subscription can be paid by monthly standing order (£5) or yearly by standing order (£60).

2. Members are encouraged to and allowed to have multiple subscriptions.

3. Anybody can become a member of the 100 club; it is not restricted to Ware FC players and officials.

4. The membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September.

5. Subscriptions need to be received by the 25th of the month for a member to eligible for the monthly draw.

6. A full subscription of £60 must have been received by the 25th September for a member to be eligible for the yearly 'Super' prize draw.

7. Members wishing to join after the membership year has begun can pay monthly (£5) or be charged a pro-rata yearly subscription. Members who have not paid the full yearly subscription of £60 will not be eligible for the yearly 'Super' prize draw. Members joining after the membership year has begun can opt to pay a full years subscription if they choose.

8. There will be one prize draw each month.

9. The 100 club shall not be limited to 100 members.

10. The draws will be made after the 25th of each month in the presence of three officers or committee members of Ware FC and the decision of the Ware FC committee shall be final in all matters that require adjudication.

11. Each member is allocated a permanent number. This number will remain the members provided their subscription is up to date. Allocated numbers will be displayed on the website at www.warefc.co.uk

12. Monthly prizes (excluding September) will be awarded according to membership of the 100 club for that month as follows:
- Winner: 20% of subscriptions collected for the month
- 2nd Prize: 10% of subscriptions collected for the month

13. The 'Super' draw prizes in September will be awarded as follows:
- Winner: 10% of subscriptions collected for the year
- 2nd Prize - 5% of subscriptions collected for the year

14. Results of the draw will be displayed on the website www.warefc.co.uk and winners will be notified by email or telephone if no email address exists. Payment will be sent by cheque to the winner by the 7th of the month following the winning draw.

15. The remaining funds received from member subscriptions and not awarded as prizes will be credited to the Ware FC fundraising account.

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Previous Winners A list of the previous winners of the Ware FC 100 Club. June 2013 - No44, Tamara Fabbrini Ju


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