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Club Constitution

REVISED 2002 and AMENDED 2004, 2005 and 2011

1) The club shall be called Warley Rugby Football Club.

2) The club shall be affiliated to the Rugby Football Union: North Midlands Rugby Football Union and Greater Birmingham Rugby Football Union.

3) The objects of the club shall be to provide facilities for the playing of Rugby Union Football and for the social intercourse of its members and guests.

4) The membership of the club shall elect a Board of Trustees.

5) The Board shall be comprised of Full Members or Past Full Members of the club. The Board shall at all times number not less than two and not more than four Members.
The Board shall be elected every four years. A Trustee can be replaced at a Special General Meeting of the club by a 75% of those present and voting thereat.
Chairmanship of the Board shall be on a rotation basis from meeting to meeting with the current Chairman holding a casting vote.

6) The responsibility of the Board of Trustees shall be to protect the best interests of Warley Rugby Football Club and shall therefore hold the power to veto.

7) Membership categories of Warley Rugby Football Club
shall be as follows:-
a) No person shall become a member of the club unless:
• the person has completed an application for membership in a form approved by the committee, and
• The committee has approved the application.
b) For the avoidance of doubt membership is open to all without discrimination and may only be refused where admission to membership would be contrary to the best interests of the sport or the good conduct and interests of the club. No person shall be denied membership of the Club on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, age, disability, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, religion, political or other beliefs. A person may appeal against such decision by notifying the committee who shall put the matter to a general meeting for it to be decided by a majority vote of the members present and voting at such a meeting.
Life Members and Vice Presidents shall be elected at an annual general meeting of the club by those Members present and voting thereat.
c) Applicants for membership must wait seven days from application for confirmation of membership.
d) Visiting team members and their bona fide guests become members of the club for the day of the game.

8) The President of Warley Rugby Football Club shall be an honorary position and need not be filled by a member of Warley Rugby Football Club. The President shall be invited by the Executive Committee to hold office for one year. The name of the President shall be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting of the club. The President shall not be a member of the Club Executive Committee but he shall be invited to attend all meetings.

9) The Officers of the club shall be: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman of House and Grounds.

10) The Executive Committee of Warley shall comprise the Officers of the club and the following members:
Chairman of Playing, Fixture Secretary, Senior Captain, a Representative of the Associate Membership, Welfare Officer (AGM 2005) and four other Members. The Executive Committee can at any time co-opt other members as it sees fit. At least five Committee Members shall be present at any Executive Committee Meeting for any decisions to be deemed binding.
The Committee shall have the power to suspend or to revoke the membership of any Member. (An appeal against any such decision can be made to a full general meeting of the club). The Committee shall be empowered to employ such employees of the club as it sees fit. In the event of the Chairman of the club being unable to take the chair at any club meeting an Officer of the club shall act in his place and shall take on the powers of the Chairman and shall hold a casting vote.
A member of the Executive Committee can be from any membership category of the club. Members seeking election to the Committee must be nominated and seconded by Full Club Members. The Executive Committee may form any sub-committee as it deems fit. Any such committee must report to and be responsible to the Executive Committee.

11) The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held in the month of May or June of each year at a precise date and time to be fixed by the Executive Committee with 14 days notice given. The purpose of the meeting shall be:
The receiving of the Committee reports, to confirm a date for the Financial General Meeting, the election of Club Trustees (4 yearly), the election of the Officers of the club, the election of the Members of the Executive Committee and to elect Team Captains. Nominations for posts should be handed to the Secretary 7 days before the meeting together with the names of a Proposer and Seconder. There being no such proposals, nominations at the meeting shall be accepted. To consider any resolution, it must be handed to the Secretary seven days before the Meeting together with names of ten Members supporting such a resolution.
The Committee may at any time call a Special General Meeting of the club. A Special General meeting of the club may be called by any Member supported by 15 Members and whose signatures are presented to the Secretary.
An Extraordinary General Meeting of the club may be called at any time by the Executive Committee or the Board of Trustees having given 2 weeks notice to the Membership.
The Annual General Meeting of the club shall fix all membership and playing fees for the coming year. Save in the case of a casting vote from the chair all Full Members present may cast one vote to any motion at a General Meeting. Any decisions made at a General Meeting attended by fewer than 20 Full Members shall be deemed to be not binding.

12) The House and Grounds Committee shall at all times include the Officers of Warley Rugby Football Club. The House and Grounds Committee shall be responsible for the operation and management of Warley Sports Club. The Chairman of this Committee shall be free to co-opt further members to the Committee. The members of this committee need not be Members of Warley Rugby Football Club. The House and Grounds Committee shall be responsible to the Executive Committee of Warley Rugby Football Club.

13) The Chairman, Secretary and Chairman of Playing shall form a Disciplinary Committee in accordance with the R.F.U. requirements.

14) The colours of Warley Rugby Football Club shall be red and white hooped jerseys with black shorts and red and white hooped stockings.

15) Warley Rugby Football Club shall be a non-profit making Members Club.

16) Any changes to the rules of Warley Rugby Football Club must be supported by at least 75% of the Full Members in attendance at a General Meeting of the club and voting thereat.

17) The Annual Financial General Meeting of the club shall receive from the Treasurer or his/her Representative; a Statement of Accounts, a Balance Sheet and Report for the preceding financial year and an estimate of the receipts and expenditure for the following year. The Financial year of the club shall be from 1st September to 31st August.
All finances raised by or for the club shall be under the control of the Treasurer and through the Treasurer, the Executive Committee. The Annual Financial General Meeting shall confirm the name of an independent auditor.

18) If at any General Meeting of the club, a resolution for the dissolution of the club is passed by 75% of the Full Members present and voting in favour, the Committee and Trustees of the club shall realise the property and assets of the club and after the discharge of all liabilities shall transfer all remaining assets to or distribute to another registered community amateur sports club for rugby union, to the RFU for use in community related rugby union initiatives or to a charitable organisation.

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