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2005 Season


The 2005 season came to an end with the traditional fixture against Rudgwick. The end of term feeling was reinforced further by the skippers decision to pull the batting order from a hat. Despite much speculation that this had been happening all season, heightened by Moxy pulling out number 2, the skipper insisted this the first time he'd employed this method. No one knows who talked him into this, but it certainly wasn't Jerz, who pulled 11 from the hat. Jerz was mollified with the promise of taking the new ball. This decision caused a deep rumbling in the earth as a generation of Waverley bowlers simultaneously entered the spin cycles in their coffins.

The skipper may well have won the toss but who cares, Waverley were to bat first and the opening pair of Moxy and Hoagy (This bloody batting lineup was a fix surely?) soon clocked up a ton, but thats enough about their combined ages. The umpiring of Macklin ("You call that LB? F*** Off") and Bowlers Union Mog ("So what if he overstepped, your not out aren't you?") protected the batsmen from the vagaries of wide balls and some close and some highly speculative LBW appeals. Moxy was particularly relieved to see Mog turning down appeals, he'd sawn off Mog with some particularly vicious Leg Before decisions in the past and the sight of Mog checking the LBW Law with the Comical boys wasn't encouraging.

A positive start on a good batting track dwindled slightly as the Rudgwick skipper shuffled his bowling. Moxy was first out but Hoagy continued to play positively (possibly this was the cause of his first injury of the day) and with O in at 3 he was certainly going to find his calves/hamstrings being tested by O's legendary judgement of a single. Indeed Hoagy did retire hurt eventually but only when his calf, hamstring(?) and back had gone and he'd made a pugnacious (occasionally chancey) 74.

Wickets fell at regular intervals with most batsmen getting starts before being dismissed. A special mention here for Chimo, after his heroic unbeaten ton last week, he was LBW first ball. He implied that Jerz was both fatherless and blind but Jerz insisted he was as plumb as you like, I'm sure this was nothing to do with Jerz being number 11 at all. Runs were still being scored at a good rate and no 11 went in with about 200 on the board. Revelling in the freedom of batting so low Jerz then pulled for 6 to get off the mark. Insert a joke of your choice regarding Jerzys tremendous pull (is that the same as a titanic tug?).

Waverley went to tea with 233(ish) runs and all 11 batsmen used.

Some say that english cricket died the day Father Hunter and another old stonewaller (not Mog) batted for over an hour for DB&E and somehow managed to scored even less runs than Mog with his laces tied together (yes ladies and gents it is possible, just). Others might say that the day Stuart Webb took the new ball for Waverley would count as a dark day but to be fair (and thats a rarity on this site) he bowled well and on another day might have taken a wicket when a slower(!) ball was driven uppishly through cover. Jerzy was pulled off as the Waverley skipper also shuffled his bowling. It is a rare combination for a skipper to be a useless tosser (of the coin) and yet have such timing and foresight in how he pulls off his bowlers (from the attack).

Moxy shuffled his bowlers well using the knuckle method of giving each about 4 overs a piece. He even found time to take a catch for the team. This rotation policy initially produced good results with Waverley cutting into the Rudgwick middle order before a good partnership developed which started to take Rudgwick close to the Waverley score. As we got into the final overs Moxy sought to protect his captaincy record and turned to nasty, grumpy opening quick the Rhino and grumpy cheese eating Mickey Mouse. These two pegged the Rudgwick batsmen back and the game ended in a close draw.

The showers were a joyous and raucous event with much Ralgex used. Next year, all those that don't shower but dish the Ralgex etc on those that do should beware, the worm has turned and so has the billet.....

End of season report card

While you await the final report from Rudgwick, why not see how you fared this year in the end of season report?:

Bob ( the Sponge ) Moxham
High - his 50 and 2 wickets at Lurgashall
Low - getting carted by the Mouse at Rowledge

Stuart ( Jerz ) Webb
High - his match winning 80 at Bookham
Low - getting the pink t-shirt at Odiham for snogging during the drinks break

Adrian ( Moggy ) Day
High - his 70 runs at Forest Green
Low - being hit in the pills by Jim Jam at Lurgashall

Simon ( The Boy ) Brewer
High - his 115 at Elsted
Low - being take off for Jerz at Forest Green and smashing his own cars windscreen at Rowledge

Simon ( Chewie ) Knox
High - match winning knock at Crown Wood
Low - ducks at Purbrook and Bookham

Geoff ( The GiMp ) Macklin
High - his 50 at Rudgwick
Low - getting carted by the Rhino at Lurgashall

James ( Jim Jam ) Wright
High - all the home made cakes at Odiham and pulling on his holiday
Low - The pasty shops in Cornwall running out during his holiday

Peter ( PB ) Brewer
High - his 5 wickets at Cranbourne and Old Wimbledonians
Low - missing so many games through injury

Herb ( The Herbinator ) Scarth
High - his 6 wickets at Bookham
Low - listening to Rhino moan after giving him out lbw at Thursley

Ian ( IP ) Pointer
High - increasing his wicket haul for the season by 800%
Low - having a fairly average season with the bat

Adam ( AC ) Carmichael
High - 3 for's against Epsom Methodists, Burgh Heath and Newdigate
Low - a puncture in inflatable Ingrid

Marcus ( MC ) Carmichael
High - his innings at Purbrook
Low - a duck at Newdigate

Neil ( Hoagy ) Carmichael
High - 75 against Rudgwick
Low - injuring himself in the process of getting 75 at Rudgwick


After last week's report fiasco, normal service is hence forth resumed. A beautifully sunny day turned overcast with the arrival of the Comical clan (purely coincidence I'm sure) with Waverley playing their last Saturday match of the season. With Jerz away celebrating a wedding anniversary, the line-up looked like this: Moxy, Jim Jam, Mog, Vacey, Chimo, AC, Knoxy, the Mouse, Herb, the Guv'nor and an injured PB.

With Waverley again in the field first, Knoxy and the Mouse set about restricting the openers with some accurate bowling. The Mouse was the first to get the breakthrough, a top edge pouched by an athletic Mog. Incidently, Wattsy was bowling to not one, not two but three slips (surely a first for the season). With AC replacing the toiled-out Knoxy and Herb replacing the Mouse, the scoring rate still failed to increase. Eventually AC was rewarded with a wicket, another stumping for Chimo to add to his tally, and Herb got in on the act with specialist gully-fielder Guv'nor diving forward to take a sharp catch (his first in three years apparently). Moggy replaced AC and also picked up a wicket, Moxy continuing his season-long trend of only taking catches off Mog, and Herb secured his 799th wicket for the club when Mog held a catch at point. At 110ish for 5, Abinger were struggling. However their number seven must have broken some kind of record when he smashed a 50 off of just 14 balls. Wattsy was reintroduce and the Mouse set the trap with his first ball, Chimo taking a catch behind and shortly after, Abinger declared on 187-6.

Moxy and Jim Jam got the Waverley reply off to a flyer, but it was Moxy who fell first when he lost his off-peg. Jim Jam and Mog continued the chase, which included some cracking shots from the promoted Jim Jam, before the former tried an expansive cover drive which didn't quite come off, seeing the fielder almost drop it before he eventually grabbed on. With the 20 overs having just begun, Waverley still needed over 100 to win. It was the introduction of Vacey that swung the game deciseivly. Several big sixes saw him eclipse Mog's score and race on to his maiden Waverley 50. He continued in this vein (aided by a watchful Mog) and the only slight set-back on the march to victory was the dismissal of Mog (something MC takes full responsibility for). Fittingly, Vacey hit the winning run meaning the Saturday side finish the season with a win. Dave was man of the match for his match-winning 79* and Wattsy would have been awarded the t-shirt (for being a mouse) if Jim Jam's mate hadn't run off with it.


Due to a series of unfortunate events, no match reports have been committed to text for the above games. Instead, they will undoubtedly survive through folklore and legend. Special mention should go to Knoxy for a 50 against Odiham and Chimo for a ton against Elsted.


On a dull overcast afternoon Waverley arrived at Rowledge to play a 40 over friendly.

Moxy did not even bother to toss up as both captains agreed that the home side should bat first. The GiMp and Rhino opened up. The old master Dave Vassey opened for the home side and promptly smacked the GiMp for a six and several fours. Rhino got the first wicket, a genuine nick behind well taken by Chimo. After four overs Spongy had seen enough of the GiMp being carted all over the park so he replaced him with Herb and he had success bowling a guy. Rhino temporarily got rid of the dangerous Vassey by hitting him with a full toss, the ball smashing straight into his forearm. Owen came into the fray and bowled a guy. Jim Jam, back fresh from his tour of Cornwall's pasty shops, bowled one over but struggled with his line and length so he was replaced by the new boy Chris. Herb picked up a wicket. Sponge bought himself on and wrapped up the home sides innings for 225.Chris catching the mouse after he had hit Sponge for a couple of fours.

Jerz and Hoagy got our reply under way and did well to see off the mouse as he was swinging the ball both ways. No Mog this week so Jerz took over the roll of batting at snail pace. He finally went LBW allowing the Rhino to come to the crease. He promptly upped the run rate to lightening pace. Things really got going when Owen entered the fray after Hoagy went. Rhino for the second time this year got bowled on 49. Chimo came to the wicket and showed how good his placement is this season by smacking a massive six into the car park, smashing his own cars windscreen to pieces. He finally holed out to Vassey. Up stepped the Gimp. The run rate was always within reach so he and Owen kept things moving nicely until Owen nicked one behind. Jim Jam batted well, smacking several fours He went LBW which meant that Spongy had the honour of hitting the winning runs in now near darkness. So a win at Rowledge for the first time in a few years, the GiMp ending on 32 not out.

A good tight game played in a great spirit in difficult light. Rhino was man of the match and the t-shirt went to Dave Vassey for leaving the field after being hit by Rhino. Special mention to the GiMp who, after reporting from the sharp end for the last few seasons, is stepping down as Sunday correspondant. Thanks for your work Geoff.

This match report was officially endorsed by the Match Report Review Board, so this is a disclaimer on behalf of the website team. Please inform IP (founder member of the MRRB) or the Sunday captain/vice-captain of any errors.


Another warm September day saw Waverley arrive at Newdigate one player short for what is traditionally a tough game. With several key players taking end-of-season holidays, (something to be addressed at the AGM), the line-up was as follows: Hoagy, Jerzy, IP, Dobbin, MC, Chimo, Jim Jam, Herr Bert of the Ge-Scarth-Po, PB and AC.

With reduced numbers, Waverley elected to field first and started well when Chimo dispatched one of the openers early on. Jim Jam's length seemed to trouble the batsmen and the other opener had a lucky escape when he hooked Jim Jam to backward square-leg. AC didn't quite have the height to take a clean catch and tipped it over the bar, injuring himself and having to leave the field for treatment. Nine men soon became eight when Chimo had to get his ankle strapped up, but after a brief appearance by some substitute (Newdigate) fielders, both returned to the action. With PB on to replace Chimo, the elder Brewer soon picked up a wicket when he sent the middle stump cartwheeling out of the ground. He also saw a catch go down, AC again failing to hold on. During all this, Jim Jam gave the crowd (and players) reason to fall about laughing when he managed to trip himself over whilst attempting to field the ball. Herbacious also picked up a wicket from the other end, but it was a double bowling change near the end of the innings that yielded the best results. IP lulled the batsmen into a false sense of security at one end, softening them up for AC who took three wickets (including a spectacular one-handed catch by the skipper) with his awkward pace and accuracy at the other. This left Waverly needing 231 at tea.

Things could have started better for Waverley after tea. Jerzy was caught out by a ball that kept low early on, departing for just five. He was soon followed by IP who was out hooking for 0, Dobbin who gloved one behind for two and MC who was yorked for 0, all four wickets going to just one of Newdigate's opening bowlers. Chimo attempted to push the score along before he was caught for 12 and Jim Jam only managed a single before he lobbed the ball to mid wicket. Hoagy had been playing solidly during all of this but eventually he too was out caught for 22 (a gargantuan score given the circumstances). PB managed to injury himself so called out Jerzy to run for him before Bert gave the top order a batting master-class by effortlessly scoring 14. This entertaining resistance was eventually ended when Bert was bowled and last man AC came to the crease but Waverly capitulated shortly after when PB was bowled through the gate for 14, leaving AC on two not out. Once again there was no t-shirt or hat but there were some worrying storm clouds gathering to jeopardise the Rowledge game. Still, good news for England though. Special mention should also go to IP, who spent 45 minutes padding himself up and looking professional only to be out for a duck.

This match report was officially endorsed by the Match Report Review Board, so this is a disclaimer on behalf of the website team. Please inform IP (founder member of the MRRB) or Saturday captain or vice-captain of any errors.

Bookham, near Leatherhead, Surrey

Due to recent criticism of recent match reports I will try to make this one as accurate as possible.

On Sunday 4th September Waverley travelled to Bookham. The GiMp and Knoxy arrived at exactly 12.55pm after following the Carmichaels. The Scarths had already arrived and it was not long before the Brewers turned up. No Spongy this week so Richie Scarth took over the skippers roll.

The pitch was a bit green and uneven to say the least and just for Pedal Bin (he likes things to be correct) there were 10000010 blades of grass on it. With the sun shinning and after a careful inspection of the strip Scarthy had no hesitation in putting the opposition in first. Even with favourable bowling conditions this did not stop the openers getting off to a flyer the GiMp taking most of the flack. After an opening partnership of over 50 PB was bought into the attack and he had success bowling one opener and sending another guy back to the pavilion. Mog came into the attack and almost got the most bizarre wicket ever. He came in bowled ,the ball ballooned of the batsman's pads high into the air, came down hit him on the top of his helmet and rolled along the ground missing his leg stump by 35mm ( again that measurement is only included for Pedal Bin ). Mog was bowling well but the wickets started to slow up so the skipper called upon his father to find a break through, he not only broke through but smashed the home sides batting line up completely to pieces, picking up 6 wickets, 3 good stumpings by Chimo, a even better catch by the keeper down leg side and a catch by the ever accurate Pedal Bin. I think he took the catch two handed fielding at point at 3.27pm with the sun just starting to move over the bowling green. Herb set a trap for their skipper which he fell into being invited to come down the wicket only to see the ball well caught by Jerzy on the boundary. This left the home side on about 160 for 8 so the ball was given to the Pedal Bin and he wrapped things up taking the last wicket ( the home side having only 10 players ) so the home side finished on 166 all out 20 minutes before tea.

Jerzy and Hoagy went out for the 15 minutes and 37 seconds (again just for IP) and survived comfortably. After tea they picked up where they left off and set about the opening bowlers. Hoagy was looking good and was thinking the money he spent on a helmet was worth every penny as one smashed into his grill. He went first caught. Knoxy came in at three but never looked comfortable and fell LBW for two ducks in a row. Mog came in a number 4 and played the anchor roll for Jerzy who was finding his touch and went on to make a fine 50.With the home side struggling for bowlers the run rate was always within reach and it looked as if Mog and Jerz would see us home until Jerz was bowled for a fine 70 odd. This bought IP to the crease and like in the first innings he had the honour of wrapping things up with a four bringing victory with several overs to spare. He with probably claim that it came off the middle but everyone who was there knows it was a lucky edge. So after all that we are back to winning ways on a Sunday.

Oh and just for IP if there are any inaccuracies in this report the please do not hesitate to contact me at www.don'tgiveash**


Another hot afternoon, so it was almost inevitable that Waverley would end up fielding. Never-the-less, spirits were high and the line-up looked like this: Moxy, Jerzy, Scarthy, Mog, Chimo, Rhino, O, Knoxy, AC, PB and Herb.

The openers got Eversely off to a flyer, Knoxy and Rhino unable to penetrate their defenses. It was the introduction of Herbacious that got the breakthrough, getting the batsman to hole-out to O in the deep. This was followed shortly after by a slow-motion slip catch from PB. Their skipper had passed 50 and was still going strong, whilst the new batsman put the bowling to the sword with some big hitting. PB was eventually rewarded with a wicket when Jerzy held a catch and Knoxy took a couple of wickets when he was re-introduced to bowl some spin. However their skipper had reached his century and declared, with Waverley chasing 209 for victory.

The chase seemed a tall order after the first few overs, some quick bowling leaving Waverley languishing on 34-4. Luckily, Rhino and O formed a partnership and bought some respectability to the score. But eventually Rhino edged behind for 40 and when Knoxy was out for a duck, the game had swung back in Eversley's favour and they were through to the tail. With AC electing to mainly defend, O kept the score ticking over with some good batting until he was also dispatched back to the pavillion for 42. Enter PB and along with AC he kept the score moving with a mixture of good stroke-play (PB) and luck (AC) as several edges either didn't carry or went through the slips with three overs to go, Waverely's Aussie-like tail looked to have rescued a draw until PB got one which lifted slightly, causing him to edge behind for 21, and Bertie went first ball leaving Waverley 50 runs adrift and AC on a personal-best 17* proving he doesn't always bat like he's carrying a toothpick. No man of the match or t-shirt awarded today and with no Saturday fixture, Waverley next travel to Bookham on Sunday.


Waverley arrived at Wonersh with only ten men due to PB having to do his Florence Nightingale impression and pick up Mrs B from hospital.I am sure that all Waverley players and supporters wish her a speedy recovery.

With Jim Jam away wind surfing in Newquay ( I hope the pasty shops were well stocked up ) the GiMp was called in as a last minute replacement.The pitch was soft to say the least and had Knoxy shacking his head even before a ball had been bowled. The home side batted first and set about our opening quick's.The GiMp was the first to get a wicket to his name having one caught by Knoxy at square leg.The other bat was looking good with some clean hitting before the Knox bowled him.The score was moving along at a good rate on a slow pitch, mainly due to some good batting from a young man.I think Mog finally got him.To be honest I can't remember who got the wickets but I think Knoxy got two and Mog picked up one with a slower ball.Anyway the home side reached tea on about 180 I think( can't remember that either but I was suffering from a slight hangover at the time ).

Moxy and Jerzy started our reply.Jerz made a good 30 odd before he hit one straight up in the air. IP was his usual steady self until he fell LBW.Mog came and went and at this point the home side had the upper hand as the run rate was starting to creep up.The skipper strode to the crease like a man on a mission and he soon put things right and smacked it all over the park for a quick fire 30 odd.This meant that the match was there for the taking and that is what Moxy and Knoxy ( sounds like a kids cartoon series ) did,getting the winning runs in the last couple of overs.A special mention should be given to Moxy as he carried his bat through the entire 35 odd overs,however we should point out that he only scored 30 odd runs without a single boundary.This has prompted the question.Is that the lowest score ever by a Waverley batsman who has carried his bat? One for the Carmichael boys to sort out I think.

So all in all a good game and a good result.The first win on a Saturday for a while.I think the T-shirt went to Devo but again he disappeared before it could be awarded.Moxy was man of the match.


On a hot sticky afternoon (just as Mog likes it) most of the Waverley team turned up on time at Thursley. Devo was late but the day he turns up on time will be the day that Chimo stops breaking wind behind the stumps. The home side batted first on a very green wicket. The Costa Del GiMp opened up with the Rhino. The GiMp struck first although the credit should go to Chimo for a smart stumping still it goes down in the book as a wicket to the bowler. Rhino removed the other openers stumps and the GiMp picked up another caught by Devo. Things settled down a bit until the big man repeated his earlier delivery and sent the stumps flying again.

Devo and Herb were brought into the attack and after a couple of overs Devo struck having a big hitter caught in the deep,( the GiMp returning the favour ). Sponge somehow managed to cling onto one using his beer tit and arm pit after the ball had stung his hand causing bruising and panic as he thought that he would not be able to hold his pint after the game. PB and Knoxy came into the attack both not giving the home side much to feed off. With the score edging towards 180 and the skipper not fancying chasing much more than that he brought the GiMp back into the fray and he struck first ball with a short,leg side crap delivery that the batsman top edged straight to Herb. So the hosts were bowled out for 177.

No Jerzy this week and with the skipper complaining of a sore hand (the poof) it was left to IV and Mog to start our reply. Both settled in well until IV nicked one behind. Rhino came in and played a few big shots before the Herbinator gave him out LBW. Jim Jam looked good until he drilled another one straight to a fielder. Chimo played some big shots until he holed out. In came the GiMp but his head was still by the pool in Spain and he played a bloody awful shot and was bowled for another duck. Knoxy and Mog calmed things down and were keeping up with the run rate nicely until Mog top edged to slip causing him to lob his kit around in the dressing room incurring his second fine of the season. Devo supported Knoxy but tight bowling meant the run rate was creeping up all the time.In an effort to catch up Devo was bowled,in came the skipper (after Linda had kissed his hand better) and after a couple of lusty blows he too was bowled. Knoxy did his Fred Astaire impression,danced down the wicket missed and was stumped leaving PB and Herb to try and win the game. They did their best but in the end the chase proved to much as Herb was bowled in the last over going for a big shot. So the home side won by about 10 runs.

A good game played in the right spirit. Thanks to the Thursley lads for a good afternoon and a great BBQ in the evening. Special thanks to Martin Wells for providing some truly excellent entertainment whilst in the pink t-shirt.


Waverley conceded their first sunday defeat since Shepperton in a 40 over match. Batting second we fell 8 runs short despite fine innings from Hoagy and IV.

Good Olde Boys

An overcast day saw the game get under way but after only 45 minutes the two sides were forced off the field by the rain, which had clearly set in for the day. So the game was abandoned and Waverley's atheletes went home to rest up (or the McDonalds in Moxy's case) for the game against Pirbright on Sunday.

Old Wimbledonians

After the drama of the England win in the morning a Waverley team rolled into the outskirts of London believing the impossible could be done. Old Wimbledonians faced the collective might (and injury potential) of Hoagy, Jerzy, Moxy, JimJam, AC, Chimo, Pedal Bin, Mog, Chewie, PB and Herb. Waverley fielded first and it fell to Knoxy and Mog to open the bowling and it soon became clear that, like Dexys famed equipment, Mogs end was keeping low. Knoxy was having more luck with the bounce and soon started to find the edge but was unfortunate not to have them carry to hand. Given the lack of bounce Mog was quickly pulled off by Moxy and replaced with the Pedal Bin. He exploited the lack of bounce with own brand of Slow Left Arm spin. He stuck to his task and produced some good tight bowling by utilising "the one that doesn't spin' as his stock delivery whilst varying it well with his other delivery, "the one that's smashed to the boundary'.

Knoxy was also pulled off by Moxy, busy man the skipper, with Pete coming into the attack. IP rewarded the skippers faith with his first wicket (clean bowled?) and Pete started to produce some insightful deliveries at the other end to account for the no 3, an aussie (who took the stick well), with a pre-planned delivery that was struck straight to JimJam who clung on to a regulation catch like it was delivered by Mr Kipling. With the pitch making scoring difficult, the flight and guile of the bowling attack became too much and wickets fell at regular intervals despite Jerz grassing a straightforward catch he would normally have pouched, something on the fingers perhaps? IP was withdrawn after taking three wickets, one of which saw him juggling the catch repeatedly whilst squirming on his back like some kind of upturned turtle. Herb helped Pete mop up the tail and when Herb bowled the last man Pete had finished with a well deserved 5 wicket haul.

Waverley were chasing 105 to win and the pitch was never going to make it easy with the ball keeping lower than the chance of the GiMp buying a round. This was compounded by the presence of a 6ft plus South African opening bowler, instinct says get on the back foot before the ball takes your head off. He bowled from the dead end and soon had Hoagy LBW for a duck playing back to a worm shagger. This pattern continued later as Jerz and IP both fell LBW on the back foot and at the other end Moxy and Chimo perishing to nagging bowling. The score hadn't progressing too rapidly but JimJam was making the most of an opportunity at the top of the order. When IP was out Waverley still required 25 to win. JimJam alternated watchful batting with occasional forays into agriculture and weather watching (a huge swing whilst looking at the clouds). Mog survived several LBW shouts and after a while started to get going. There was a noticeable relaxation when Waverley reached the mid nineties and from here the runs moved along slightly quicker. On the verge of victory Jim decided he had time to ask the Keeper for a personal service and left him pleasantly surprised before hitting the winning run.

A low scoring game that kept you interested throughout, special mention to the opposition who played the game in a good spirit and were friendly and chatty in the bar afterwards.

Crown Wood

On a dull but muggy afternoon Waverley CC turned up at Crown Wood to play a 40 over ( 8 per bowler ) friendly. This weeks line was as follows: Moxham ( Sponge ) Webb ( Jerzy ) Day ( Moggy ) Verinder ( Heartbeat ) Knox ( Chewie ) Macklin ( GiMp ) Brewer S ( Chimo ) Brewer P ( Brewster ) Wright ( Jim Jam ) Carmichael ( AC ) and Dexter ( Long Dong ).

Moxy tossed and inserted the new look home side, in fact they only had one player from last years starting eleven. Knoxy and the GiMp took the new ball and both were pretty much on the spot from the start. The GiMp had one caught by Dexy behind the stumps and Knoxy also picked up one. The father son combination of Chimo and PB kept up the pressure and were rewarded with wickets, Knoxy taking a good catch in the slips and PB having a guy lbw. Moggy carried on where everyone else left off having one caught in the deep and one at slip both by Jim Jam who's fielding like a man high on Jammie dodgers at the moment. With runs hard to come by the home side limped to 135 before AC picked up the final wicket, LBW, in the 35th over. The wickets were spread out as follows. GiMp one, Knoxy one, Chimo two, Moggy four, PB one and AC one.

During tea Sponge was confident that our strong batting line up would be able to cope with a run rate of only just over three an over, however after he went inside edging on to his stumps and Jerz cut straight to point his confidence had started to subside a little. It was completely shot to bits when Chimo was bowled and Jim Jam and Mog both edged behind, he was close to suicide when IV went leaving us on 16 for 6. This left the GiMp and Knoxy to try and salvage a bit of pride. They steadied the ship and set about trying to up the run rate. The GiMp made a useful thirty before he miss timed one and hit it straight back to the bowler. PB stuck around for a while and AC showed an urgent need for time in the middle, falling for just one. Both supported Knoxy before they went. Well come the hour come the man or in our case Dexy. He rolled back the years and played a great roll in helping Knoxy to a fifty and upping the run rate. So after 39 overs we needed five runs with only one wicket left. You could cut the tension with Jim Jams cake knife on the boundary as the last over began. Ball one brought a single to Knoxy, then just to add to the tension the scorers realised that the bowler was in to his ninth over breaking the rules. A replacement took over and bowled a dot ball however his next went for a single and after a few more deliveries; one was needed from one ball. In ran the bowler and released the ball only to see it smashed back past him off of Knoxy's bat for four runs and victory.

Man of the match was Knoxy. No t-shirt this week although Chimo came close for breaking club rules and showering alone. Mog was the first to get a fine for kit abuse, chucking his pads around in the dressing room after being caught. If only he put as much effort into throwing the ball in from the boundary.

So all in all an excellent game played in a competitive but friendly spirit. Thanks to the Crown Wood lads for a great afternoon although I am not sure about the ritual of them all touching the wicketkeepers box every time they get a wicket. Still, each to their own.

Oh by the way lads don't bother to play monopoly for a while as I think we have used all of our 'get out of jail free' cards.

Westfield Saints

Lost to bad weather, so the Sunday XI gets a break from the action. Only one game next week, with Waverley attemtping to repeat last season's success as they travel to Crown Wood.

Burgh Heath

Waverley travelled to Tadworth for a new fixture against Burgh Heath. Overcast conditions led to Knoxy grumbling about the possibility of rain, but that aside it was a full strength Saturday side looking to bounce back from defeat at Ebernoe, the line-up being Moxy, Hoagy (defying the medical world by playing twice in a week), Jerzy, IP, Chimo, Moggy, MC, Jim Jam, Knoxy, AC and Herb.

With Moxy and Hoagy opening on a good batting surface, the supporters had to check what they were drinking as the score was rattling along at 5 an over at one stage. However Moxy chased one down the leg-side and got the toe of his bat to it as it went through to the keeper, the Sunday skipper going for 16. Jerz looked in good form as he got stuck into the bowling, whilst Hoagy frustrated them at the other end. A swipe at the shorter ball eventually saw Hoagy go for 42 (the jury is out as to whether that constitutes jug evasion) and IP joined Jerz at the crease. Shortly after, Jerzy reached his half century and went on to make 57 before missing the straight one in time-honoured tradition, following IP back to the pavillion (who'd made 19). It a fantastic display of batting, Chimo played a captain's innings and scored a 50 in seemingly no time at all, finishing unbeaten (along with Mog) as Waverley declared with a commanding score of 242-4.

After what was nothing less than a first class tea, Knoxy opened the bowling and proceeded to take two wickets in his first over (one a good catch from Jim Jam at fine leg). A swift change of tactics saw AC open the bowling from the other end and after some good glove-work by the skipper, he found himself on yet another hat trick. However it again wasn't to be (much to the relief of Hoagy's wallet) but AC still contrived to take three wickets once again. Teasing deliveries from change bowlers Herb and Jimus (who began by bowling spin) were unlucky not to get a breakthrough and a worrying partnership started to develop. However the introduction of Moxy broke the partnership, but with time running short and fate seemingly not on Waverley's side, (a couple of edges flying through the slips), Burgh Heath were able to bat out for the draw despite a good all-round performance from the visitors.

Man of the match went to AC for his bowling (primarily an attempt to get into the sdie for next Sunday at Crown Wood) and the shirt seems to go to MC almost by default these days, ('a cop-out' as he described it), this time for some suspect fielding. The Saturday XI get a two week break from the action, the next game being Good Olde Boys on August 13th.


Another extremely hot energy sapping day saw the Waverley circus arrive at Bagshot,unfortunately one of the clowns ( Mog ) did not make it as he was doing his Hoagy impression and visiting the local A & E because his soon to be wife had a minor accident and sprained her ankle. The line up this week was, Jerzy, Chewie, Sponge, Rhino, GiMp, Chimo, Governor, Pedal bin, Jim Jam, Herbaceous and Laura making a fielding appearance for Mog as our first super sub.

Waverley batted first in glorious sunshine.Jerzy and Chewie opened and both settled in well scoring freely.Jerz went first bowled for about 20 odd.Rhino came in at number three and kept up the fast scoring rate until he fell for a superb bit of jug evasion on 49. Up stepped the Gov but he did not last long and was bowled for a duck. IP supported Chewie who went on to make 70ish before being caught and bowled by a guy with an action resembling a frog in a blender. Pedal Bin went caught behind for about 8. Chimo and the GiMp kept things moving with some big hitting until the boy was bowled, Jim Jam came to the crease but the skipper had seen enough and declared 15 minutes early leaving the GiMp not out on 38 and the total on 251.

After tea the GiMp having recovered from his back injury opened up and got a wicket with his first ball. The unlucky opener inside edging onto his stumps. Jim Jam was keeping things nice and tight at the other end which frustrated the batsmen into playing some rash shots allowing the GiMp to take a further 2 wickets both clean bowled. The change bowlers of Herb and Sponge kept the pressure on and were rewarded with 3 wickets for Herb and 2 for Sponge. The Gov turned his arm over for a couple of overs as did IP but an 11 year old was proving harder to remove than Scarthy's hair spray. Chewie came on to bowl spin and wrapped things up with about 10 overs to go.The home side being bowled out for about 140ish I think. The 11 year old unbeaten (pity the GiMps back played up, he was itching to get back on). Jim Jam got the T-shirt for being distracted in the field by Laura's chest resulting in a missed run out. The GiMp was man of the match for a good all round display. Special mention should be given to the Governor for flashing his vertical valley of death to every spectator at the ground and in the beer garden during his bowling warm up.

So that's 4 Sunday wins in a row,lets hope the run continues next week at Westfield Saints.


By an executive order from the Saturday and Sunday skippers, the match report is a much shortened version as it was a game to forget really. Some decidedly dodgy batting from most (although Webby and Mog did contribute to the runs) left Waverley on 146-9 at tea. Jim Jam picked up 2 wickets, with Herb getting one also, although destructive batting saw Ebernoe cruise to an easy victory off of just 15.1 overs, despite some reasonably good bowling. The hat went to Jim for his wickets, the t-shirt to Bertie for evading an exorcet missile of a shot.


A glorious Sunday afternoon saw Waverley arrive for round one at Rudgwick.No Brewers playing this week so the line up was as follows. Web,Day,Moxham,Knox,Macklin,Verinder,Scarth,Powel ( late as always ) Carmichael x 2 and Wright.

Rudgwick batted first and with a short boundary must have fancied their chances of making a big total.With the GiMp still suffering with a back injury it was left to Mog and Knoxy to open up the attack.Mog struck first with a edge behind taken on the dive in front of first slip by our reserve keeper IV.In fact IV played a blinder behind the sticks,stumping one and unlucky with a couple of other close calls.The wickets were evenly shared out with everyone chipping in.Herb got a couple with his nagging spin as did the skipper.Knoxy wrapped up the innings in a second spell of spin reducing the home side to 125ish all out just short of tea.

Jerz and IV strode to the crease like Scarthy on his way to the hairdressers however Jerz was soon mincing his way back to the pavilion after gloving one straight up in the air to the keeper for a duck.This meant that the GiMp had a chance to find some form with the bat coming in at number three.A lucky edge through the slips got him off the mark, then he settled down and went on to make only his second ever fifty.IV was playing his usual mix of solid defence and aggressive attack and just when it looked as if these two would go on to make a partnership bigger than King Kong's first dump of the day the GiMp swung missed and was bowled for 54.Up stepped Jim Jam and he promptly smacked a six right over the pavilion.IV tried to up his tempo but top edged straight to a fielder.After a few big hits from the Rhino it was all over.

MC picked up the T-shirt again for pooffery in the field.Not sure who got the man of the match but IV probably deserved it for an excellent display behind the stumps and a good batting performance.Winning on Sundays is starting to become a bit of a habit,long may it continue.

Epsom Methodists

An overcast day saw the men of Waverley eventually find their way to the Gibraltar Recreation Ground (those with SatNav at a distinct advantage, as Herb will tell you), providing a nice setting for a good afternoon's cricket. The recent rains saw a dry, yet spongy wicket that was always going to make batting tricky. No surprise then that Waverley batted first.

However, the pitch could not be blamed for the first wicket, Moxy successfully running himself out trying to take a single that Darren Campbell would have struggled to make. Some tight bowling from the openers restricted Webby and IP, although the former still managed to make 27 before missing the straight one. A swash-buckling Jim Jam was aiming for a maiden 50, coming in at number 4, and blasted a quick-fire 28 before he too missed a straight one, following IP and Chimo back to the pavillion. With Waverley seemingly intent on throwing away wickets, Moggy and Dexy came together and steadied the ship. A combination of watchful defense and hard hitting saw both race towards 50. Moggy was the first to reach the milestone, meaning two 50's in a week for the man in form, before Dexy (on 47) played over a straight one and was clean bowled. Knoxy had only two balls to face, just giving Moggy enough time to run himself out before tea, leaving Waverley with a respectable 207 to defend.

After tea grumpy quicks Knoxy and Mog opened the bowling attack, seeing several edges flash through the slips before Herb was brought on in what turned out to be an inspired change. With his first ball, the master of disaster induced the opener to have a swing, finding the top edge and the gloves of Dexy. He picked up his second wicket with a carefully disguised full toss jaffa that just clipped the off stump. Chimo also toiled away and was eventually rewarded with a wicket for his efforts, a ball keeping low and thus shattering the stumps. During this time, the other opener had raced past his half century and was seemingly unbeatable. However IP's change of pace soon saw to that, clean bowling the opening bat. AC came into the attack and soon had the chance of his first Waverley hat trick, however his 'father' turned down an LBW appeal off the hat track ball (correctly, in all honesty) leaving AC with a double wicket maiden. A third wicket followed before a shoulder injury forced him out of the attack. Despite Waverley's best efforts, Epsom eventually knocked off the runs with 3 overs to spare.

Man of the match contenders included Mog and Dexy for their batting performance and Herb and AC for their bowling efforts. The pink t-shirt was heading in the direction of Linda, for failing to stop the ball as it hurtled past her position on the edge of the pitch.


On another sunny Sunday afternoon Waverley cc arrived at Purbrook for what is normally a batsman's paradise, however recent thunderstorms meant that the wicket was not as dry as usual making batting not so easy but on the whole the pitch and outfield were in excellent condition.

With PB absent this week (probably taking his superman costume to the dry cleaners) Hoagy was recalled to the starting eleven despite him still carrying more pulled muscles than normal ones. Moxy inserted the home side and opened up with the GiMp and brother Knox. After the GiMp's tonking at the hands of Rhino last week he was keen to put on a good show and did so with two early wickets, the first a juggling catch by the skipper and the second a more straight forward take by Spencer on loan from the Good Olde Boys. With Koxy keeping things tight at the other end things were looking good until in his forth over the GiMp pulled up with a pulled muscle in his back ending his stint for the day. The change bowlers kept things going thanks to some of the best fielding this side has put together for a long time. Mog caused a run out with a direct hit with only one stump to aim at, the last time he did that Wham were at number one and Moxy had a mullet. Jim Jam playing like a man with the keys to the bakery pulled off two stunning catches, one diving forwards and one diving away to his left. This left the home side struggerling a bit and the away fans checking what they were drinking. Moxy ending the innings by bowling the last man to make it two weeks in a row that he has taken a wicket without conceding any runs. So after an excellent fielding performance Purbrook were bowled out for 115.

A superb tea, including hot dogs, re-fuelled Waverley's batsmen and we opened up with Jerzy and Mog. They found the early overs difficult to deal with and Jerz went edging one to slip. MC promoted to number three looked more nervous than a man waiting for a birth in the family however when he got to the crease he batted with a not seen before level of confidence. He finally fell to a skied drive well caught. Knoxy yet to find any real form with the bat this year fell for his first duck for many a year chipping one to square leg where the fielder tried his hardest to drop it but managed to cling on at the third attempt. Suddenly the target seemed a long way off and even further when Chimo and Jim Jam went cheaply. What we needed was a calm head but we don't have any of those so we made do with the skippers. He and Mog steadied the ship and almost saw us home until the captain fell. With wickets starting to run out and Hoagy and the GiMp comparing injuries it was left to Spence to support Mog. He did a good job allowing the opener to get a deserved half century with the winning runs. So three Sunday wins on the spin, who would have put money on that? Not me said Herb.

The man of the match was Mog for his run out and fifty. No t-shirt award this week although Chimo came close for singing Simply Red songs in the field.


On a glorious afternoon the Waverley steam train chugged its way into the picture post card village of Lurgashall only to be told that the home side were short of players, however James (Judas) Wright (probably bribed with the promise of an extra wagon wheel at tea) volunteered to swap sides and a quick phone call to the Rhino saved the day.

With several players in danger of sweating off some weight if we bowled first Moxy eagerly decided to bat. The skipper and Jerzy opened up as usual and settled in nicely despite the pitch offering some uneven bounce. Jerzy was the first to go pulling straight to square leg. Scarthy continued to look a bit out of touch and fell to a top edge that nearly went for six but was taken well on the 3rd man boundary. This bought Mog to the crease and produced the highlight of the game for many spectators as Jim 'Judas ' Jam bowling at Mog managed to get one passed his defences and smash straight into his tackle causing the number 4 some considerable discomfort and the rest of the team some considerable entertainment. The game carried on wickets went down, Mog was caught behind (not for the first time) off the bowling of a ten year old, PB was run out going for a second but it was the Rhino that did the damage getting Chimo for a duck and bowling the GiMp. With all this going on the skipper managed to keep a cool head and go onto make a well deserved 50. Knoxy and Devo saw us to tea for about 180.

After tea the home side opened up with the Rhino and he had every spectator and pub customer ducking for cover as he dispatched the GiMp to all parts of the ground, however the bowler got some reward for keeping the ball pitched up by bowling the other opener with a peach of an inswinger. Devo was managing to keep things tight at the other end and was rewarded with a wicket. Some good fielding led to a run out and Jerzy took a good catch off of Herb in the deep. Mid way through the innings Moxy was starting to regret loaning out the Rhino as he raced to a half century and was looking good for a maiden hundred until the old war horse and master tactician Herb bowled him for 70 odd. PB was his usual consistent self not giving the batsmen much to feed off however the runs kept coming and it looked as if the home side would pull off a victory until a second run out and two wickets for the skipper saw Waverley bowl out Lurgashall just short of the target. So two Sunday wins in a row.

A good game played in a good spirit in excellent weather conditions. The t-shirt went to Mog for sporting a pink sun hat and the man of the match was Moxy for a 50 and two wickets.


The first real summmer's day of the season is traditionally at Cranbourne and this year was no exception. It therefore followed that Waverley fielded first.

Herb and the Boy opened the Waverley attack, both challenging the openers before the Saturday skipper took himself off for Mog. Mog continued some good bowling form this season by picking up the opening wicket whilst Herb continued to tie down the other end. After an eleven over stint, Herb was replaced by PB who was on the money as usual. A fantastic spell saw him bowl right through to the end of the innings, picking up five-for in his thirteen overs. Meanwhile, Mog picked up a second wicket from the other end before being replaced by Pedal Bin, who managed to half his bowling average by picking up two wickets in successive balls (after being asked politely by Jerz). AC also put in an over, but after bowling a total of 47 overs in exhausting heat Waverley were set 187 to win.

Jerz and IV donned the pads to open for Waverley, but a slow start was compounded by the loss of the Saturday vice early on, LBW, for a duck. IP joined IV and the two started to move the score along before the latter was out bowled. Mog displayed some batting talent before he returned to the pavillion for 12, enabling the skipper to arrive on the scene to increase the run-rate. IP departed for 22 and after some brief resistance he was followed by MC and AC, both scoring 2. Soon after, Chimo reached his 50 before being caught (it was hard to tell who was more surprised, Chimo or the fielder) and Raging followed after blasting a quick-fire 13. With four overs to go, Dexy and PB were able to see Waverley through for the draw.

The pink t-shirt was awarded to MC for what can only be described as a laughable attempt to field the ball (an acrobatic dive) and the Man of the Match award was probably awarded to either PB or Chimo. Either way, it still ended up in the Brewer household.

Odiham & Greywell

On another murky afternoon Waverley CC filled a empty Sunday fixture by playing a friendly against Odiham. Thanks to both fixture secretaries for arranging the game at short notice.

Moxy flicked the coin and Odiham were inserted in a 40 over (8 per bowler) game and opened up with a veteran playing his last game. The GiMp had the opener not just plumb LBW but the whole tree and Mog removed the veteran in a tight opening spell. The change bowlers kept up the pressure and PB bowled a big hitting young right hander. Herb is starting to show the form we all know and love and was rewarded with 4 wickets in his allotted eight overs. A good father son partnership kept the scorers busy until a good piece of fielding led to a run out. All in all the home side ended on about 180.

With the skipper suffering with a bad back due to him Sh**ing, sorry laying carpets all week it was left to Knoxy and Jerz to open. Knoxy competed a miserable weekend with the bat by his own high standards and chipped one to gully. Up stepped Jim Jam still with crumbs round his mouth from all the home made cakes during tea. He started well until a rush of blood saw him swipe, miss and be given LBW. Chimo kept the score board moving until he was bowled, that gave his old man PB a chance to get his first runs of the season which he gratefully accepted. With that weight off his shoulders he rolled back the years with a vintage performance until he was hit on the love handle by a full toss that went on to hit the stumps. Mean while with all this going on Jerz had been steadily moving alone to another half century. He probably deserved to carry his bat, but fell in the 70's LBW. This meant that it was left to the GiMp and Mog to finish things off. Mog tried his hardest to run out his partner by taking a dodgy leg by, however the GiMp made it easily and completed the victory (once he remembered how to hit the ball) by scoring the winning runs.

PB got the man of the match award for a good all round performance and Jerzy got the t-shirt for snogging during the drinks break. Thanks to the GiMp for the match report.

Reminder: Public displays of emotion

As of immediate effect all Waverley players are to be issued with sick buckets after the disgraceful display of public snogging during the drinks break by a certain opening batsman and his new bride. Such open and public fluid transfer made several of the players feel nauseated resulting in poor overall performances, prompting a quote from a senior player "It was 'orrible, in my day you would 'ave got arrested for less that". However not all witnesses were affected. Jim Jam found it quite stimulating and disappeared for over 30 minutes apparently having a cold shower.

The player in question is kindly requested to refer to Rule 3 of the Club Rules against Public Displays of Emotion.

Fixture change

The Guv'nor has been able to arrange a game this Sunday (12th of June) against Odiham & Greywell II. I assume the start time is 2pm.


Waverley were at full strength for the short trip to Shalford and so when given the choice, Chimo had no hesitation in fielding first to give the grumpy quicks a chance to get some wickets. Some good bowling by Knoxy left the home side struggling on 27-3 before a hard-hitting pair got the innings back on track. However, a wicket from PB and a near hat trick for golden arm reduced Shalford to a mere 120 odd for 7. But once again a partnership emerged and guided the Shalford innings to a very respectable 245-7 at tea.

Batting-wise, it was a shaky start for Waverley. Early wickets caused much activity in the pavilion as the lower-order was scrambled to take over the umpiring positions. During this time Webby, Moxy and IP all went cheaply to some good bowling but the pairing of Dexy and Migs soon got the innings under way (Mog surprising everyone by batting well for two matches in succession, even if he did use the team's quota of batting lives in the process). Dexy eventually departed bowled, but this enabled the Saturday skipper to enter the arena. Some hard hitting saw him race to a half-century, joined the very next ball by Mog making his second fifty in a week. Just as things looked to be settling down, Mog edged one behind on 56 and Chimo departed LBW for roughly the same leaving Knoxy and Jim Jam to bat the remaining few overs. With three overs to go Knoxy was also adjudged LBW, allowing AC to get a bat, but aside from the occasional rush of blood from Jim Jam the final overs passed without incident and Waverley secured a draw. Mog had the honour of wearing both the man of the match hat for his 56 AND the pink t-shirt, this for cowardice off his bowling.

Forest Green

On a dull afternoon the Waverley band wagon rolled into the village of Forest Green for what is traditionally a close fought game. Moxy tossed up and I can't remember who won but anyway Waverley batted first. With all the Comicals still nursing wounds from last week the batting order had a slight new look about it. Jerz and Sponge got us up and trotting before the skipper edged one to first slip. This bought the GiMp to the crease ( suffering from a nose bleed at being so high up the order ) however his recent run of crap form continued and he was soon back in the pavilion without bothering the scorers. Up stepped Mog and for once scored faster than the grass grows. Wickets began to fall at regular intervals, Jerz was run out forgetting to run his bat in, Chimo holed out to cow corner, O making his first appearance was bowled for a quick fire 20 odd, PB joined the duck race and Mog finally went for 70 odd I think. The Guv and Herb bought some tradition to the proceedings and saw us to tea for a respectable 211.

Forest Green opened up with a left, right combination for Knoxy and Devo to get their teeth into. The right hander fell early to the skippers pet. With wickets hard to come by the ball was given to Chimo so Owen took over the gloves, however fading light and complaints from the batsman meant he had to bowl spin. Several other wickets went down but with the opening left hander proving to be harder to move than Mog if he lived next door to a brothel, Moxy turned to desperation and told Jerzy to warm up. With all the fielders scattering to all parts of the ground he managed to bowl two overs without a single wide so the home side finished on 140ish for 5 in the allotted time so the match ended in a draw. I think Mog got man of the match for his batting and the T-shirt went to Devo for the biggest display of pooooffffery this reporter has seen in a long time, but the sneaky sod buggered off before it could be awarded, don't think you have got away with it Mr Devo the captain has a long memory.


Due to some adverse weather on Friday night the game was cancelled, thus scuppering Knoxy's hopes of breaking out the deck shoes early.

Normandy IV

With several regulars absent from the proceedings, Waverley were inserted and Hoagy and Moxy started to get the show on the road. After the former retired hurt (as usual), Moxy reached a well-worked half century before departing for 53. IV and Mog helped the score along before Si cut loose, racking the score up to 186 at the end of the innings.

Despite being short in the bowling department, Waverley made a game of it, with Devo, Jim Jam and AC picking up one each, whilst the Skipper picked up a brace of his own. Certain chauvinistic elements of the team were silenced at one stage when one of the Normandy women hit a towering six of the bowling of Jim Jam (previously of the opinion that women weren't strong enough to play in the men's game). Candidates for the t-shirt included MC and AC for some over-zealous celebrating, Hoagy for a rendition of River Dance, Devo for complaining of a lack of cake and Jim Jam for the comment about women. Main contenders for the hat were Si for his two wickets and Moxy for his 50.

A small footnote. The T-Shirt initially defaulted to Mog after outright winner Jim Jam left. It later passed to the skipper after he briefly ridiculed Mog for 'negotiating' an extra pint only to ask Klept if it was alright for him to have a drink when offered. The poof.

To clear up a small technical matter (a slight omission with regards to the report), Normandy won the match.

Job losses

It was recently revealed to the website that world-famous cake company Mr Kipling was to announce hundreds of job losses in response to falling sales. A Mr Kipling spokesperson said: "Over the winter months, we suffered severe loss in profit after one of our most loyal customers undertook a new fitness regime. We hoped that the start of the new cricket season would see sales pick-up, but regrettably this hasn't been the case. In choosing to model himself as a highly-trained athlete, this individual has condemned hundreds of people to the Job Centre. How can he sleep at night?"

Jim Jam was unavailable for comment.


Despite the heavy rain of Saturday, Sunday's match still went ahead as planned with Waverley winning the toss and fielding first on a slow, damp wicket. With Knoxy and the GiMp opening, runs were initially hard to come by. The pressure created finally paid off with Jim Jam taking a relatively simple catch off Geoff. Despite this early breakthrough, the wickets dried up and the runs began to flow steadily, with several fielders guilty of some missed chances. After scoring a half century the other opener was eventually run-out, with Jerzy deceiving him by pretending to be slow and lazy...... However that proved to be the final wicket, as their number three went on to score a century. There should have been a second run-out, but less said about that, the better.

So after tea, Waverley set about trying to achieve an unlikely 262 for victory. Moxy and Jerz started well, the former the first to go after being caught behind for 18. Knoxy then followed LBW for 21 after a solid partnership with Jerz and as the last 20 overs were entered, Jerz missed the straight one and was replaced by Chimo. While he went about striking the ball all round the ground Mog was out caught at deep square leg, soon to be followed by MC for 1. With four overs to go, Chimo and AC saw off the remaining bowlers and ensured the match ended as a draw. Man of the Match was the GiMp (for picking up the only bowling wicket of the day) and the Pink T-shirt went to MC (for 'persistent cowardice' so I'm told).


A second win in as many days against a young side, with half centuries from Webby and Moggy in the first innings and wickets from Herb (amongst others) in the second innings guiding Waverley to victory.

Good Olde Boys

Our first match of the season against the Good Olde Boys and it's round one to Waverley. Winning the toss and fielding first, Knoxy and Jim Jam quickly restrained the openers. Knoxy bowled well and was rewarded with four wickets (before being taken off, to the disappointment of those awaiting a jug) and Jim Jam tormented the left hander, but was unlucky not to pick up at least one wicket. With the Good Olde Boys in a spot of bother, Herb was brought into the attack and was rewarded with a wicket, a sharp stumping by Simon. PB was his usual, consistent self and was rewarded with a couple of wickets. AC got in on the act with a 'devastating leg stump yorker' (or a 'pitched up, leg stump grubber' if you choose not to believe him) leaving IP to claim the final wicket against his old club, setting Waverley 129 to win.

With the pitch playing awkwardly, Webby was the first to go (trapped LBW). A fledging partnership developed between Hoagy and Moggy before the latter mis-timed a drive to mid-wicket, but with the arrival of IP the scoreboard started ticking over again. The final Waverley wicket to fall was Hoagy, also trapped LBW and departing for a useful 26. But with both overs and wickets to spare, Waverly passed the target with IP producing a superb piece of jug evasion, finishing 46 not out. He was duly awarded the man of the match award and for complaining he was cold (and miraculously recovering when Mog offered to warm him up) PB was given the Pink T-shirt.


Not sure of the details as I wasn't there, howeve

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