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Waverley vs Waverley Presidents XI (edited)

By Adrian Day, 25th Jun 2012

This Sunday Waverley will take on a Waverley Presidents XI at the Bourne starting at 2pm. Herbert has 11 including Bill Stanton, Hoagy Carmichael, John Harland, Dave Debenham and Richie Scarth (ct. Mid Off b. Dibbly Dobbly 49). A rumour suggesting a man named Powell may be coming out of retirement to appear for the Presidents XI is doing the rounds too. Dexy will be swinging by but is unable to play due to his knees being knackered.

On the day the pavilion will be open from 12 noon and the bar will be open from this time (very reasonable prices I'm told) and it will be manned all day. Should you arrive early they will be showing England vs Australia on Sky and will remain open to allow a few pints whilst the Euro 2012 final is on.

It is hoped that as many current and former players can make the game and have a beer or two and tell us all how it was better/harder in their day etc....


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  1. Adrian Day over 3 years ago

    The biggest whine is going to come from Scarthy when he finds out he can't go in the slips

  2. Simon Brewer over 3 years ago

    Wine is for the homosexual fraternity and the ladies...so you're fine in both aspects Scarthy.

  3. Typical Rowledge to lower the tone

  4. Adrian Day over 3 years ago

    Rich, re the lager, not after John and Bootsy get going there won't be

  5. Are you able to post a wine list Simon?

    And will there be plenty of lager ?

  6. Simon Brewer over 3 years ago

    No BBQ - tea will be provided for the players. There will be a £5 playing fee for all players however - a small price to play for a game of such magnitude. Please use the bar provided rather than bringing your own drink.

  7. Suzie Brewer over 3 years ago

    Thank you Adrian. Will sort a scrumptious picnic!

  8. Adrian Day over 3 years ago

    We were going to have a BBQ at tea but that has been cancelled now. Sorry Mrs B

  9. Suzie Brewer over 3 years ago

    Original plans said that there was to be a BBQ available - is this still happening at lunchtime for supporters to partake or do we bring our own lunch?

  10. Adrian Day over 3 years ago

    I think Chris pinched a pair of your Dads, seemed to fit ok.

  11. Could I start by saying that I'd be delighted to hit the ball as far as mid off, let alone after scoring 49............

    Does anyone have any kit they can lend me ?

    trousers inside leg is long and waist 'generous' - elasticated band preferred.............

  12. Loz Brewer over 3 years ago

    I would like to put my hand up for selection please.

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