Three Match Pool

The WRFC Three Match Pool is a new way to support the club.

Essentially we ask participants to predict the score of three Premier League or Football League matches in return for a £1 stake. Entrants can have as many goes as they like, but each attempt must be paid for at £1 per go.

The money goes into a pot, and dependent upon the number of winners, prizes are awarded and the club retains a proportion.

Game entries need to be submitted to one of the nominated game operators or committee members prior to games starting on the relevant Saturday. Failure to do so may result in the entry being deemed invalid.

Entrance forms can always be found in the bar at West Clewes, or from Clayton Dando.

The club retains a proportion of the funds for the sole purpose of reinvestment into the running of the football side of the club. The funds do not go towards paying players, but it does go into the maintenance of the pitch, training equipment, balls, rental of a sit on mower and so on.

The club has a Lottery Licence issued by BANES - 14/02544/LOT

The WRFC Three Match Pool Rules are available to download at the foot of this article.


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