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Welwyn Shirts make an impact in Peru

Welwyn Shirts make an impact in Peru

A set of shirts was donated to a student union, and Kieron wrote to express his gratitude on behalf of the players:

I can't thank you enough for your club's generosity - I have never before seen a group of rugby players with such beaming faces when they were each individually handed a Welwyn rugby shirt......these players are all students at one of the state Universities in Arequipa - but they don't have cash and the University does virtually nothing to support them! Their training ground is next to a giant stadium but they have to train on some ground outside the stadium - drains, holes, boulders and all! Health & Safety and the RFU would have a mental melt-down if they saw the conditions but these guys are so keen they take risks........myself and the British Consul are going to see if we can change this somehow or other!

You might be pleased to know that Welwyn received several 'Oggy Oggy Oy Oy's in Spanish plus a few other special 'prayers' for your future success! Now that you have Divine support and encouragement, the rugby world will undoubtedly become your oyster!

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  • Mick Hills

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  1. Mick Hills over 3 years ago

    What an absolutely fantastic story and serves to remind us what we all do this for. Well done everyone

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