Wetherby Bulldogs

Wetherby Bulldogs

U9 Wetherby Bulldogs have a blinder!

by Amy Dexter

The U9 Bulldogs bossed the match from the outset. An outstanding game of rugby, fantastic defence – the best yet. A superb team performance.

As the fog lifted and the sun shone, there was optimism in the air from the Wetherby parents. Wetherby had first play of the ball with Alex as Captain with no subs and 9 aside all was looking good. Oli F standing in at acting half had another excellent game bossing his players from the off. Jay gathered the first pass and ran hard and strong up the pitch. Not to be outdone Max and Alex followed suit gaining great yards, where had it not be from some great tackling from Whinmoor, Alex looked sure to score the first try of the game. However, it was Sam on the 4th drive to be the first to score a try against the warriors (1st of his 3 of the day).

There was something certainly different about the team today – the defence was almost faultless. Alex, Jay, Connor, Oli F and Danny smashed the opposition time after time -allowing them little territory for immediate turnover ball.

Connor had the first drive of the turnover ball and was seen blasting his way up the wing to score a great individual try (1st of 3).

Wetherby set their defence well and were much more vocal in their defensive line. Jay again put in a crunching tackle but some nimble feet and good lines allowed the Warriors Number 1 shirt to score a good try.

Wetherby knocked on at the next attacking move giving Whinmoor a chance to attack. Oli F put in a great tackle but some of the big forwards were proving a handful to stop. Alex and Jay tackled out of their skins to force an error for turnover ball. Quick hands from Oli F gave Mackenzie his first touch of the ball where he ran around the warrior line to score a great try in his favoured right hand corner. Well-done Kenz (his 1st of 3).

With team spirit high and the defensive line set, Wetherby tackled superbly. Work rate was also at an all time high. Oli S, Max and Sam tackling well again forced a knock on which gave Wetherby possession. Oli F ran straight and direct up the pitch gaining good ground, followed on by Oli S and Danny who darted and stepped his way to the try line to score his 1st of 6 tries of the day.

Whinmoor attacked well with some good passing of the ball. Jay, Connor and Oli F tackled superbly giving us turnover ball. Alex ran hard up the wing with Jay on the 2nd, Max on the 3rd. Scurry called a Halifax, which allowed Dan to jink his way through to score his 2nd try.

As the warriors set off with their next phase of play, passing the ball well, Danny (Ryan Hall wanna be) intercepted and scored a run away try. Well read Dan! Much to the delight of his teammates.

Warriors not to be silenced then scored a good try from their quick-footed number 1 again. Mackenzie immediately replied to score in “kenzies corner”!!

Wetherby’s defence was solid and didn’t allow Whinmoor any territory, which gave them turnover ball. At the last play of the first half Connor side stepped, handed off and ran straight over for a cracking individual try.

Wetherby started the 2nd half with the same tempo and determination. They tackled brilliantly keeping their defensive line, everyone held their positions well which gave the warriors a really hard time trying to get past the bulldogs. This didn’t help the warriors cause, as for me, the try of the game was to follow on the back of some superb team defence. On turnover ball Dan passed to Oli F. Oli found some magic lines and stepped a few players. Just as it looked as though Oli was going to be tackled Danny screamed up on Ol’s left shoulder, Oli floated a beauty of a pass for Danny to catch, step and run the rest of the pitch to score a brilliant try. Fantastic!!

As the Bulldogs gathered steam in the second half the warriors were outplayed. It was the best game Scurrys’ team has ever played. Connor and Mackenzie scored their 3rd tries of the day, Dan scored a further 2 taking his personal tally to 6 but it was Sam who got his 2 late tries followed by Alex’s try which rounded off a well deserved (16 to 3 try) win for the whole team.

What was great to see was the team spirit, the collective effort in attack and defence throughout the 40 minutes. Brilliant match boys – really well done!

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Opposition Man of Match – Mackenzie

Most improved player- Alex

Best defensive player – Jay

Best attacking player – Sam

Man of the Match - Danny


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