Wigan St. Patricks ARLFC

Wigan St. Patricks ARLFC

Well done Brad.

By Joseph Charnock, 2nd Apr 2012

Well done to young Brad Ibbison who took over from Peter Wareing with this years under 11s and after this weekends 60pts to 6pts win the young coach along with parents Mandy and Dave are excelling. Their record to date is played 5 won 5 early days yet but what a start well done to all concerned and also the kids keep it up. C'MON THE PAT'S. Also big hand for the work put in by Jeff Purcell.


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  1. Joseph Charnock over 3 years ago

    Excellent comment about Peter Janine and thoroughly deserved . Good luck boys UP THE PAT'S .

  2. Janine Holt over 3 years ago

    I would just like to pass on my thanks to Peter for all his hard work with the boys even when he had lots of other things he needed to concentrate on he was there for them week in week out - so THANK YOU Peter.

    Secondly, it is great to see the lads' confidence growing week by week. They have excellent coaches and I think they realise they are very lucky to have people genuinely interested in making the team a success. They are playing together as a team and building some strong bonds. Great success so far and long may it continue!

    Thank you Brad, Mandy and David - and of course Jeff who is so supportive of the team x

  3. Mandy Ibbison over 3 years ago

    Thanks Joe for that but the boys are listening well and trying their best. We can't fault their effort. We are not doing to bad with the Ladies, who also deserve praise for their efforts! They haven't lost a game yet either #upthepats that's all I can say; a club that strives to make players and coaches the best they can be!

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