Willenhall Rugby Club

Willenhall Rugby Club

Back to the 'Old Stitch Up'

by Eric Field

As you can see from the result there is not much to say from our point of view! At about 1:40 on Sunday I thought I would be able to lighten the mood by commenting on a Wolves win against the dirt - but a 92nd minute equaliser saw that plan ruined!

Talking to a Shrewsbury player who had come off whilst I was waiting to go on he summarised things as....

That's my lad there at full back - they want him in the 1sts but because he won't train the internal politics means he can't be selected
That chap there normally plays for the 2's
That chap there is ex first team last year

On a positive it did not eclipse our heaviest defeat on 90 something v nil against DK Vets about 4-5 years ago

Another positive - as ever we did not give up and when we could get near them, we did keep putting in the tackles

Another positive - Billy Wizz returned
Another positive - Ribsy was back and seemed fully recovered
Another positive - no Donkey - downside need a volunteer to bring the Port!!

No Deputy MOTM this week either