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Welcome to Winchester Rugby Football Club U12s

Welcome to Winchester Rugby Football Club U12s

We are a large age group with over fifty players and a fantastic group of parents and coaches.

We focus on skills development and tailored coaching delivered in a fun and supportive way.

Please see below for essential U12s information

Training and logistics
Our first session of the 2017-18 season is at 10am on Sunday 3rd September 2017.
As usual please arrive early by 9.45 to register so we are ready for a prompt start.
Late arrivals cause problems with logistics but also significantly increases the risk of injury for the children concerned. This season in particular we will be changing to rugby based warm ups, rather than general activity, and therefore they will also miss out on key coaching elements.

Pitches for the U12s season are in the middle of Devils Island, immediately in front of you as you cross the bridge.

Sessions will last approximately 2 hours

Playing kit
For all sessions we ask that each child arrives suitably dressed for the conditions, is fit and well and brings a named water bottle.
Mouth guards are mandatory and your child will not be allowed to take any part in a session if they do not wear a mouth guard.
Please ensure all boots have IRB approved studs and that these are of good condition.
Body armour and scrum caps / head guards should also have the IRB logo to ensure it is approved.
As usual tracksuits / tops with zips, jewellery and glasses are not permitted to be worn for rugby.

This season you will also start to see the coaches specialise in different facets of the game reflecting the increasingly complex nature of the rules as we move towards Junior rugby. This approach will also start to apply to the players themselves as they start to develop the abilities and thought processes relevant to certain positions.

U12’s Coaching & Management Team

Rupert Boissier - Lead coach (L2, L1, RR), safeguarding, first aider
Steve Carter – Coach (L1, RR), safeguarding
Ian Duncan - Coach (L1, RR), safeguarding, first aider
Roland Emmans - Coach (L1, RR), safeguarding, first aider
Mark Hunter - Coach (L1, RR), safeguarding, first aider
Ed Hildebrandt - Coach (L1, RR), safeguarding, first aider
Gerard Hutchings - Coach (L1, RR), safeguarding, first aider
Simon Ryan - Coach (L1, RR), safegurding

Dougie Auld – Assistant Coach (RR), safeguarding
Chris Long – Assistant Coach (RR), safeguarding
Mike Stavonhagen – Assistant Coach (RR)

Tony Hughes - Team manager, safeguarding, first aider
Laurence Jackaman - Team manager, safeguarding, first aider

L2 – Level 2 “Coaching the 15 a side game” introduces many of the tactics and skills required in the full game of rugby
L1 - Level 1 “Coaching Children” is a two and a half day course and is the first milestone in coaching, providing guidance up to U12s.
RR - Rugby Ready is a programme which covers the key Health and Safety elements of play and in particular contact.

We are always looking for more volunteers to help in anyway so please let us know if you can assist.

In particular we will again need a number of helpers for the two home WRFC tournaments including pitch marshalls and car park helpers.

Thanks in advance for your help

Aims for the season
We propose to continue with the same aims for this season but would welcome suggestions from parents
• All activities are enjoyable for all
• All players have noticeably improved their rugby skills over the course of the season and can safely tackle, be tackled and compete for the ball
• All players can safely form a scrum and understand the principles of body positions
• As many players as possible progress to Junior rugby
• All players will have the opportunity to take part in at least one tournament during the season (subject to willingness, logistics and training attendance)
• Aim to win targeted tournaments including Hampshire and Winchester
• Players, parents and coaches actively support our codes of conduct, foster the spirit of the game and a supportive team environment
• We actively seek encouragement, support and constructive feedback from players, parents and coaches.
• Each player will train with a range of coaches

New Players / Members
New players are always welcome to join, please either let us know in advance or see us pitchside before a session.
Before attending your first session it would be very much appreciated if you could complete our online consent form.
Please click
Then click on Add New Lead Voting member and select Consent to Play Form (trial U6 to U16 player) from the drop down menu and complete the details.
A completed consent to play form entitles your child to two trial sessions, although please note that these are only valid for training sessions and do not cover competitive play against other clubs.
After both of these sessions you will need to become a member of the Club if you wish to continue at Winchester.

Existing Members - Membership and registration
It is a Club requirement that each player is a paid up member of the club and therefore players who are not members will not be permitted to train after September or play in any fixtures during this period.

I would also like to remind you that your child must be registered with the RFU to play in a tournament. You should imminently receive an email requesting you log into the membership system, update your details and pay your subs. Even if you have pre-authorised your subscription payment you will still need to log in and confirm your details and answer the mandatory consent questions for each member. As usual Helen can assist on both.


With the increasing focus on concussion and player safety the RFU are asking clubs to be more proactive in this area.
In addition to this being mandatory for coaching teams, the RFU are also encouraging players and parents to complete a twenty minute tailored online course and assessment.
As we enter U12s I would like all players to take the time to complete the course as it is the player themselves who needs to be aware of symptoms and therefore be honest about any potential injury.
They are also often best placed to spot if a team mate has been hurt and this focus on supporting and looking after each other is part of the ethos we are building within our squad
I would be very grateful if every player could complete the course and bring a copy of their assessment certificate to their first training session back.
There are also benefits in parents taking the course so if you have the time it would be appreciated and there is a wealth of material on the Headcase site which applies to any sport etc.

Next season’s rules / laws
The New Rules of Play for next season have a relatively limited impact on the game:
• Introduction of the hand-off below the shoulder
• Introduction of five man scrum (still uncontested)
• Removal of the limit on the number of players who can be involved in rucks and mauls
• Removal of the introductory kicking rules (i.e you can now knock on attempting a catch in open play)
However the challenge is that we move from nine to 12 players on the same size pitch. Considering there was very little space last season, a 33% increase in players and the fact that they are all a year bigger and faster means that the game needs to evolve.

To support this we will be focusing on key skills, such as scanning, decision making, passing and running lines, which will equip our players with the abilities they need to identify or create space and then exploit it. Working as a team and ability to play within an organised structure will become key differentiators.
We will also hopefully see players starting to demonstrate their understanding of the game and their creativity and confidence in trying something new - alternatively we could just get really good at mauling ….
Reflecting the fact that the players will be in year seven we are also aiming to give the players greater responsibility as we prepare for Junior rugby.
The current rules (variants to the laws of the game) can be found at the link below, however they are always subject to change

A schedule of “provisional” fixtures for the coming season can be found below:

DateFestival NameStatusA,B or A/BU12
H Sun 10-Sep-172 Home TrainingU12
H Sun 17-Sep-173 Home TrainingU12
H Sun 24-Sep-174 Home TrainingU12
A Sun 24-Sep-17Gosport& Fareham U12's TournamentConfirmedAU12
H Sun 01-Oct-175 Home TrainingU12
A Sun 01-Oct-17New Milton Mixed A/B Festival 1ConfirmedA/BU12
A Sun 01-Oct-17Chichester "Done By 2" FestivalConfirmedA/BU12
H Sun 08-Oct-176 Home TrainingU12
H Sun 15-Oct-177 Home TrainingU12
A Sun 15-Oct-17Alton Emerging FestivalConfirmedEU12
A Sun 15-Oct-17Rosslyn Park U12's A FestivalAwaiting ConfirmationAU12
A Sun 15-Oct-17Rosslyn Park U12's B FestivalAwaiting ConfirmationBU12
H Sun 22-Oct-178 Home TrainingU12
A Sun 22-Oct-17Salisbury FestivalConfirmedA/BU12
A Sun 22-Oct-17Trojans Mixed A/B FestivalNot entered yetA/BU12
A Sat 28-Oct-17Landrover Cup (U11 & U12)Invite coming soonAU12
H Sun 29-Oct-179 Home TrainingU12
H Sun 05-Nov-1710 Home TrainingBonfire Night!?
A Sun 05-Nov-17Basingstoke TREDS FestivalInvite receivedA/BU12
A Sun 05-Nov-17Farnborough FestivalInvite receivedA/BU12
A Sun 05-Nov-17Havant Mixed A/B FestivalInvite receivedA/BU12
H Sun 12-Nov-1711 No Home Training
H Sun 12-Nov-17Winchester Emerging FestivalConfirmedEU12
H Sun 19-Nov-1712 Home TrainingU12
A Sun 19-Nov-17Chichester Series 1 [U12] Festival (Worthing)A/BU12
H Sun 26-Nov-1713 Home TrainingU12
H Sun 26-Nov-171st BasTroWin Friendly (Venue Win) U8+U12ConfirmedU12
H Sun 03-Dec-1714 Home TrainingU12
H Sun 10-Dec-1715 Home TrainingU12
H Sun 17-Dec-1716 Home TrainingU12
x Sun 24-Dec-1717 No Home Training
x Sun 31-Dec-1718 No Home Training

This will be updated throughout the season as fixtures change.

With a squad of our size we will continue to rotate players to ensure each child has a fair number of fixtures. As usual, selection for these fixtures will be based on the previously communicated criteria of training attendance, ability, fitness and inclusion.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Kind regards
Rupert Boissier
Lead Coach U12s
Winchester RFC

Training times

  • Day: Sunday, 10:00

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