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Sun 19 Feb 10:30 - Friendly Full time Attendance 20

Sunday 19th February, 2012

Wolverhampton 4 Vs Stourbridge 3 Match report by Ashley Haffie-Hobday and James Wellsbury.


We were all pleased that a warm sun melted the light dusting of snow and so we had our first fixture in a few frozen weeks.
Both Stourbridge and Wolverhampton were able to field two teams, playing simultaneously.
Wolverhampton Tigers 3 Stourbridge Dolphins 0
Players: Dougie, Jack G, Jenson, Joe, Lynx, Nate, Nial, Ollie, Peter, Trafford and Zak T.
Dougie tackled first, Joe taking the maul into a maul. The first scrum arrived quickly, midfield. Ollie took the ball and Wolves swiftly received penalty, passing the ball and zig zagging backwards and forwards trying to break through a bunched Stourbridge defence. Trafford made a good tackle, showing sturdiness and Peter swiftly gained the ball, passing out to Nial, back to Joe who travelled into a maul, Peter picking up well and scoring the first try while Stourbridge were still embroiled.
Stourbridge ran from their restart, passing well. Dougie tackled and then drove well. Joe picked up, running downfield, presenting to Dougie in the ruck. A midfield scrum awarded to Wolves as Stourbridge found themselves offside. Ollie gained the ball, passing to Nate who entered a maul, trying to smuggle out to Dougie, Stourbridge pressurising. Joe made the pick up, passing back to Nate who ran downfield, scoring try 2.
The second half started with Wolves, Ollie passing to Dougie who charged upfield, despite Stourbrudge hanging from his neck, finally forcing a ruck near their 22. A Wolves scrum provided Zak T a chance to run, passing to Joe, to Jenson; Joe gaining and smuggling to Dougie as a maul formed but Stourbridge made a cheeky rip. As Stourbridge gained a scrum, Lynx came on for his match debut, subbing Trafford. Wolves received a penalty as Stourbridge tried to move the ball through legs in a ruck. Ollie passed to Jack who unfortunately went into touch achingly close to the line. Lynx tackled as the ball was taken by Stourbridge, Wolves driving well this time, allowing Ollie to pick up and run, scoring try 3.
Dougie tackled as Stourbridge passed. Jack intercepted a transfer of possession in an upperfield maul, presenting the ball out to Zak T, passing to Nial, to Lynx who astonished everyone with a fluent, promising and speedy run to the halfway line. Stourbridge gained a scrum, Lynx demonstrated he can tackle too, allowing Jenson to pick up. Stourbridge picked up the ball from his presentation and Dougie tackled into touch, ending play.

Wolves Lions 2 Vs Stourbridge Sharks 4
Players: Ben, Caleb, Dan, Jack A, Josh, Leon, Miles and Sulayman.
Stourbridge made a strong start, but afforded Wolves a quick penalty from a knock on. Dan made a great run, Stourbridge gained possession and Wolves showed ace tackling but were unable to prevent the ball going wide and Stourbridge’s first try.
It was reminiscent of tag as Wolves immediately scored from the restart and then Stourbridge retaliated with another try of their own.
Wolves passed well from the next restart, but Stourbridge intercepted and try again.
Play restarts and a good rucking lineout follows, a stunning tackle by Dan. As Stourbridge knock on, half time is called.
The second half opens with a fantastic tackle by Miles, Dan exiting the ruck and scoring Wolves’ try 2.
Wolves hold their line as Stourbridge try to dominate the game, a great tackle by Ben gaining Wolves a lineout. Jack gains the ball, passing to Dan, passing it back and Jack makes it near to the 22. Josh makes it nearer and Sulayman joins the charge. A ruck forms and Stourbridge knock on. Wolves gain a scrum. Leon runs from the scrum, a ruck forming just by the 22. Stourbridge gain a scrum as Wolves knock on – great tackling from Wolves. Miles takes the ball across field and play ends.
Wolves Lions 0 Stourbridge Dolphins 2
Players: Ben, Caleb, Dan, Ishaan, Jack A, Josh, Leon, Miles, Sulli and Zak M.
Leon passed to Dan who ran, passing to Sulli who made it upfield. Leon picked up the presented ball, passing to Ben who offloaded well to Miles. Stourbridge chased, Sulli stealing the ball, passing to Leon, to Caleb, to Ben. A maul formed, Leon and Sulli driving. Stourbridge ran to the lower midfield, tackled by Josh. Wolves gained a scrum, Leon passing to Dan who ran down the inside line, tackled in the midfield. Stourbridge gained a penalty from the ruck, Josh, Leon and then Ishaan tackling. Stourbridge passing well, but chased into touch by Dan.
From the lineout a maul formed with no conclusive ball movement. Stourbridge received a scrum 5 yards from our 22. Leon passed to Dan, who ran, passing to Miles who went across the pitch but unfortunately charged into touch by Stourbridge. From their lineout, the ball was kicked, Josh chasing but Zak M made a neat pick up, running over the line but the try was disallowed.
From a Wolves penalty Leon passed to Zak M to Sulli who charged and then smuggled the ball to Ben, despite arms being held by some opposition players. Ben passed to Ishaan who ran up to midfield before being caught in a maul. Wolves gained a scrum as ref unpicked too many bodies in the maul!
Leon ran from the scrum, tackled by Stourbridge, retaliated by Sulli, passing to Ben. Ishaan ripped the ball as a maul formed, passing to Leon to Zak M to Sulli. As Sulli was tackled Leon picked up, passing to Caleb as he was tackled. The half ended a nil-nil draw as Caleb was tackled.
Stourbridge opened play in the second half, passing well. A great tackle by Zak M, quickly followed by Dan. Stourbridge ran as they passed, chased by Leon, Dan and Miles, each tackling, but Stourbridge forcing play downfield.
Wolves gained a scrum 5 yards from our 22. Leon passed to Dan, tackled and passed back. Leon was tackled on the line and the try was upheld for Stourbridge as they held it over.
From Wolves’ restart, Leon passed to Josh who charged upfield, being brought to ground by a collective Stourbridge tackle. Dan tackled as Stourbridge picked up and the ball knocked on. Stourbridge received a penalty, running through a series of Wolves tackles to score try 2.
The ball passed down the Wolves line from the restart: Leon to Sulli to Josh to Dan to Zak M. Stourbridge gained a lower mid-field scrum, recalled twice and Zak M and Dan tackled the Stourbridge runners as they gained the ball. Stourbridge made a pick up as the ball went to ground, an excellen tackle executed by Dan and Stourbridge offside in the maul awarded Wolves a penalty. Leon to Dan to Josh, Leon driving as he was tackled. Dan made the pick up, putting his head down to charge, unfortunately into the ref!
Stourbridge gained a lineout, Leon intercepted the thrown ball, passing to Sulli and the game ended as the ball went into touch.
Wolves Tigers 9 Stourbridge Sharks 1
Players: Dougie, Jack G, Jenson, Joe, Lynx, Nate, Niall, Ollie, Peter, Trafford and Zak T.
Stourbridge start by running, only getting to the upper midfield as Wolves drive against them. Joe picks up, passing to Zak T who takes the ball out wide and makes try one.
Nate scores try 2. Dougie takes the ball out of a subsequent ruck, passing to Joe who scores try 3.
Dougie tackles on the next restart, passing to Nate who runs and scores try 4.
Dougie tackles and robs the ball from a running restart, taking the ball 40 yards before Stourbridge tackle him and enforce a maul. From a Stourbridge scrum Ollie takes the ball and runs straight through the middle to score try 5.
Second half opens with Lynx pacing 20 yards, unfortunately into touch. Dougie intercepts from the lineout and scores a try. Stourbridge knock on from their restart and despite attempts to retaliate, Wolves are strong. Lynx makes another run, passing to Joe who enters a ruck. Wolves drive over, Ollie picks up and runs another 20 yards, sidestepping Stourbridge to score again.
Stourbridge show mettle from their restart and run, scoring. Niall retaliates from the next restart and trys for Wolves.
A ruck forms quickly from Stourbridge’s final restart, Dougie making exit with possession, passing to Lynx who makes his first match try .

Wolves 1 Stourbridge 0
Players: Caleb, Dougie, Jenson, Joe, Josh, Nate, Ollie, Sulli, Trafford and Zak T.
Stourbridge started, Josh tackled with Dougie driving. Josh charged downfield, a lower midfield maul forming. Ollie picked up, passing to Trafford, saving the ball as the player not the ball went into touch. Wolves gained a midfield scrum, Ollie passing to Nate who tried to run but caught in a maul. Ollie smuggled the ball, passing to Joe. Stourbridge tackled and robbed the ball, Zak T chased and tackled, Stourbridge dodging well but found to be offside in a subsequent ruck.
Wolves gained a penalty, Ollie passing to Sulli who ran downfield. Ollie passed to Dougie who put his head down to charge. Stourbridge ripped and ran. Ollie tackled, Jenson picking up and passing to Trafford. A lower field maul formed but the ball didn’t exit.
Stourbridge were awarded a scrum and gained the ball. Sulli tackled, Wolves forced a maul and Dougie gained possession, passing to Jenson who took the ball over the line, but no try allowed due to being in the dead ball area  .
Stourbridge took their penalty 5m from our 22, Josh gained the ball and charged off, Sulli intercepting Stourbridge’s tackle, gaining the ball and scoring try 1 for Wolves.
Stourbridge ran from their restart. Sulli and Josh tackled. Trafford picked up the ball, presenting to Olli, to Joe to Zak T who took the ball across the field. Jenson picked up, passing to Joe and play ended as he was pushed into touch.
Wolves opened play in the second half, Ollie passing to Zak T, running upfield, passing to Trafford. Stourbridge gained a lineout, running, chased by Ollie who gained the ball from a forward pass. Wolves took their scrum in the lower midfield, recalled, Ollie passed to Trafford, chased into touch.
Caleb came on for Trafford. Dougie intercepted the ball from Stourbridge’s lineout. Josh drove. Stourbridge mauled and Wolves gained a lineout from which Stourbridge gained. Josh tackled on the line but no try awarded.
Ollie passed to Nate in the resulting scrum, Stourbridge gaining the ball in the resulting breakdown. Joe intercepted, presenting to Ollie. Play ended as the ball was forced into touch.
Wolves 3 Vs Stourbridge 4
Players: Ben, Dan, Ishaan, Jack A, Jack G, Jenson, Leon, Lynx, Miles, Niall, Peter and Zak M.
Stourbridge started play and passed down their full line, Wolves forcing into touch. Stourbridge intercepted from the lineout and ran to score their first try.
Leon took the ball from the restart into a midfield maul. Stourbridge chased Wolves passing, gaining a lineout on the far side, followed quickly by a scrum. Leon passed to Zak M to Lynx who ran and offloaded to Peter. Wolves drive over well as a ruck forms. Zak M gains the ball and achieves try 1.
Dan opens play in the second half by scoring try 2. Stourbridge retaliate from the restart scoring try 2.
Leon restarts, passing to Zak M who runs but is chased into a ruck. Stourbridge knock on and Wolves gain the scrum. Leon to Dan to Niall, back to Leon. Wolves drive well. Stourbridge gain the ball and Dan commits himself to another impressive tackle but Stourbridge keep momentum enough to pass the ball and run to score. Wolves gain a penalty as the ball knocks on. Stourbridge steal the ball but are forced into touch, Jack G takes the ball from the lineout and runs, taking 3 Stourbridge players with him, and scores.
Stourbridge pass down their line from the final restart, despite pressure from Wolves and a series of hard mauls, Stourbridge score just before full time.
Wolves 1 Stourbridge 0
Players: Dan, Jack G, Ishaan, Leon, Lynx, Miles, Niall, Peter and Zak M.
Wolves opened play in this final match, Leon passing to Dan. Stourbridge picking up from the maul. Peter tackled. Stourbridge took a midfield penalty, Dan tackled into touch. From Wolves’ lineout, Niall threw to Ishaan, passing to Leon, to Dan, presenting back to Leon passing to Jack G who ran, passing to Niall who ran up the wing into touch in the upper field.
Jack G looked like he had intercepted on the Stourbridge lineout, but the ball bounced, Stourbridge picking up, Leon and Zak M jointly pushing into touch.
From Wolves’ lineout Ishaan ran. A midfield maul formed, Leon exiting, passing to Jack G who ran but was tackled on the line.
Ben came on for Peter. Stourbridge gained the ball and passed from their scrum, a maul taking place on the 22, Ishaan in the middle trying to bring the ball down, but Stourbridge successfully held it up.
Lynx came on for Miles. Wolves took a scrum 5m from the 22. Leon passed to Trafford who ran well, but sdaly into touch as he reached the corner. Jack G tackled the Stourbridge lineout, swiftly backed up by a Dan tackle. Stourbridge continued to run. Jack G, Ishaan, Leon and Trafford tackled. Leon picking up as Trafford successfully forced a presentation from Stourbridge, into a stagnant maul.
Ollie came on for Leon. Stourbridge gained the ball from their scrum, passing well. Jack G and Trafford tackled well as half time arrived.
Second half players: Dougie, Jenson, Joe, Josh, Nate, Nial, Ollie, Sulli and Zak T.
Stourbridge passed from their lineout, running straight downfield but into touch. Good pressure Wolves. Josh took the ball from the lineout, with Stourbridge exiting the resulting maul. Jenson tackled, Ollie tackled, Wolves driving well. Ollie picked up and ran, passing to Joe. The ball returned to Ollie who made a good run downfield to score try 1.
Stourbridge passed from their restart, intercepted by Sulli, passing to Josh who charged downfield. Wolves gained a lineout, Nial threw in and the ball passed down the line, reaching Zak T who went further downfield but chased by a maul.
Caleb came on for Jenson. Stourbridge gained the ball from Wolves’ scrum, Ollie tackled and the scrum was recalled as the ball knocked on from both sides. Ollie passed to Joe, to Nate. Josh picked up, passing to Sulli who was tackled on the line.

Thanks to all supporters today, this was a busy morning with two simultaneous matches being played! Play improved as the morning went on and we blew the cobwebs off our enforced weather-related rest.
Well done to all players. Great commitment was shown today and many congratulations go to Ollie, awarded Man of the Match today for his control in play.


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