Wombwell Main Cricket Club

Wombwell Main Cricket Club

Friendly v Wentworth called off

By Craig Bond, 12th Apr 2012

Unfortunately Saturday's preseason friendly v Wentworth has been called off due to the wicket not being fit. This weeks April's showers mean that the square is too wet & the chances of damaging the square are too high with the season due to start next week. Thats hope this is the only game this year with lose to the weather.


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  1. Craig Bond over 3 years ago

    If anyone has a pic of main underwater please upload. My options on main front are just the 1 lol. We need team photos next week

  2. Anthony White over 3 years ago

    Gutted, nowt to do on Saturday now :/

  3. Martin Pickering over 3 years ago

    Grum's Roman Abrhamovic type corporate investment has been allocated to the clubhouse and thats the new one after its rejuvination haha

  4. Kev Linney over 3 years ago

    Blooming eck, Mains clubhouse and grandstands coming on a bit!!!

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