The coming together of workers based at the Royal House BT building at the top of Wood Street in Liverpool City Centre is where the origins of the club began taking place.

The initiative was taken by the founders to formulate a small-sided team to compete in the regular tournaments put on by work. Practice and dedication shown by the players of the time saw the culmination of their efforts in 2001 by winning the national five-a-side tournament in Birmingham.

This was followed in subsequent years with a runner-up spot in the same competition.

With the founder members of the small-sided team remaining together as a group, it was decided in late 2003 that the stakes should be taken to a higher level. The desire now was to take the team into the eleven-a-side game.

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Liverpool County Premier League » Division 1

1 Waterloo GSOB 15 34
2 Alumni 16 34
3 Woodstreet 15 28
4 Copperas Hill 15 27
5 Walton Community 14 25
6 Litherland REMYCA 12 24
7 Alder 13 23
8 Edge Hill Boys Club Old Boys 12 10
9 Eli Lilly 17 10
10 Old Xaverians Reserves 12 9
11 BRNESC 11 9
12 Lucas Sports 8 3

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