Worcester RFC

Worcester RFC

WORCESTER Rugby Football Club 1871-2009

By R. J. Lumby

Worcester Rugby Football Club was founded by the Rev. Francis John Eld with the first game being played against Artillery on November 8th 1871. Since then the club has had many good times and the occasional bad one. We now find ourselves at an historic pinnacle with a place in the Premiership and club and ground facilities we could once only have dreamed of. This is due to the generosity of Cecil Duckworth and the development of Worcester Trading, which supports both the professional side of the club, and the ever growing amateur activities of the Wanderers, Worcester Ladies, and the Mini-Juniors.

This chronicles our route to modernity whilst taking a number of bye ways to look in more detail at some of the highs and lows.


1871 First game played at Somerset Place (the site of Flagmeadow Walk)

1892 -3 Moved to New Road

1893-4 Moved to Pitchcroft

1896 Club disbanded

1908 Club revived with AGM at the Star

1910 Games played at Northwick

1914 -18 World War I

1920 Post war revival

Meetings at the Crown Hotel, Bulls Head and the Hop Market Hotel

1921 Games played at Perdiswell

1930 Games played at Northwick

1932 Saracen's Head used for meetings and changing (Club Room and Bath)

1934 Games played at Perdiswell Park - corner of Bilford Road

1936 Games played at Pitchcroft

1939-45 World War II

1945-6 Games played at Northwick

1946-7 returned to Bilford Road.

1955 moved to Bevere

1975 moved to Six Ways

1977 North Midlands Cup and North Midlands 'Sevens' Winners

1989-90 North Midlands Division I Champions

1990-1 North Midlands Cup Finalists

1992-3 Midlands Division 2 Champions

1993-94 North Midlands Cup Finalists

1994-95 Midlands Division I Champions

1994-95 Whitbread Flowers & Rugby World Junior Club of the Year

1995-96 North Midlands Cup Winners

1995-96 National Division 5 North Champions

1996-97 National Division 4 North Champions, North Midlands Cup Finalists

1997-98 Jewsons National League One Champions and North Midlands Cup Winners and Powerline Floodlit Cup Winners

1999-00 Allied Dunbar Premiership Division Two

2003-04 National Division 1 Champions

2004-05 Zurich Premiership

2005-06 Guiness Premiership

Latest Results

League Tables

Midlands Division » Midlands 1 West

1 Newport (Salop) 10 49
2 Worcester Wanderers 11 43
3 Hereford 10 40
4 Kenilworth 11 37
5 Crewe and Nantwich 11 33
6 Stoke on Trent 10 31
7 Leek 10 30
8 Walsall 10 23
9 Stratford Upon Avon 10 18
10 Earlsdon 10 18
11 Whitchurch 10 17
12 Berkswell and Balsall 10 11
13 Silhillians 11 8
14 Barkers Butts 10 7

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