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Under 12's - Match centre

Worcester RFC (Rockets)
W Tucker (2), R George, M Edwards, M Brothwell, C Stringer
Unknown, Unknown
Sun 11 Nov 11:15 - Friendly Full time

Worcester (U12) vs Droitwich (U12) mixed teams game 2

Eat my try as the Woo get busy in the second half

The second match of the morning for the Witch and the Woo, and into the arena were pitched school chums, compatriots, on another day in another place in another time you could call them teammates...but not this fair morning, nay, for it twas time for a rumble. Acknowledgements were given with a worthy nod, a raised eyebrow, lips licked and kisses blown. The Woo spat out the matchsticks they'd been chewing, in slow motion for additional cinematic effect, and the whistle blew. The Drotwich 10 bounced, bounced again, his foot connected, and the crowd held their the ball sailed high over the heads and lbounced off the noggin of a Deekensian on the other pitch. Interesting tactics...

After sending out a search party for the ball the Woo got on with the match, feeding Nice Guy Eddie for a trademark bump up the middle, but the support was slow and the Witch pinched the ball back. Josh got across to lay waste to Dash before he got up to Mach 2, and not for the first time hilarity ensued in the ruck, everyone sticking to their lines "Get off" "You get off" "You've got you knee in my..." "Ahhggrrhhh..."

Worcester made some ground, and with Eddie on the ball and making ground the Saltsters closed ranks as he lowered his shoulder, only to slip the ball to Will T to dive through the open window. "I pity you fool."

After the restart Josh went back on defensive duty, doubling up with his best pal Terry Ouchline to enact turnover ball, and after a few phases George Riley employed his patented Pick'n'go and got through the line. Support was scarce, and the pack of Drots clawed at his legs and back to fetch him down, but not today boys, and George hit the paint for the Woo's second.

The opposition decided enough was enough, and decided it was time to make things Droit. The ball was theirs, they manufactured good field position, but hit a solid wall of tackles in the Poultinator and Dirtbag. The wall looked good, but someone had forgotten to brick up the door, and suddenly the Wickermen dotted down, and were back in the contest. The kick was fielded well by Maggot who took up the Worcester charge, but then lost ball by the Woo and a clearance kick by the Honey Bees saw them creep over for a second.

All square the half. The Worcester should have closed the door, but instead left it open a bit, and then turned their back only, to find Droitwich in the house having a party. They've made a mess as well, and I've just trodden in something, and I don't think it's chocolate mousse...

Mr T kicked the restart deep into the Crones territory, and with good pressure forced a turnover, only to knock it on. Up steppeth Dirtbag, and in the darkness and sweat of the scrum sneakily dislocated his entire right leg, enabling an Inspector Gadget stylee hook against the head. Wise to the opportunity Denso rushed back round, scooped up the leather and slid fast ball to an onrushing Stringer who headed to the kitty bowl and lapped up his debut try for the Mighty Woo.

Noah carried hard again providing a penetrating platform of purgatory, and Riley broke through and looked to have scored, only for it to be deemed lost forward at the death. With momentum on their side, tails up, and opposition flagging, the lads slipped on their Woo rings, and summoned the power of Greyskull, and the flood gates duly opened. Fozzie Bear ripped off his trademark polka dot bow tie, and took the ball straight, and Olly offered another outlet for fast hands Denster, and with Breakstuff offering pace on the wing suddenly the Witches looked more like Care Bears as they realised their time was up. Nice Guy Eddie fielded a a slick pass in one hand, pulled it tight in and crashed over for another debutantatry, Will Tucker the pheasant plucker saw another gap to grab his second, " I ain't getting on no plane you crazy fool.", and as the warm autumnal sun shone from the blue skies above, a rare try scored through the hands. Secure ball at the breakdown so Denso picked a pass to Stringer making good ground, missed pass to Baracus who picked the outside man, drew him in with some hastily applied lipstick and a coy glance, before feeding the Maggot wriggling around in some filth on the outside, who with space quickly running out and with scrambling defenders backed himself and slipped over for the sixth.

It was a fair contest, and the scoreline was perhaps a little unfair to the Witches of Eastwick, but hey ho, off to the club house we go.



Quilter Kids First Skills Series: 1x1 rip

Key moments

Try William Tucker scores for Worcester RFC (Rockets)
Try Riley George scores for Worcester RFC (Rockets)
Try Try for Droitwich
Try Try for Droitwich
Try Charlie Stringer scores for Worcester RFC (Rockets)
Try Michael Edwards scores for Worcester RFC (Rockets)
Try William Tucker scores for Worcester RFC (Rockets)
Try Magnus Brothwell scores for Worcester RFC (Rockets)


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26:00 Try 30 - 10
Magnus Brothwell scores for Worcester RFC (Rockets)
21:00 Try 25 - 10
William Tucker scores for Worcester RFC (Rockets)
17:00 Try 20 - 10
Michael Edwards scores for Worcester RFC (Rockets)
16:00 Try 15 - 10
Charlie Stringer scores for Worcester RFC (Rockets)
End of period 1
14:30 Try 10 - 10
Try for Droitwich
13:00 Try 10 - 5
Try for Droitwich
12:00 Try 10 - 0
Riley George scores for Worcester RFC (Rockets)
6:00 Try 5 - 0
William Tucker scores for Worcester RFC (Rockets)
Start of the game
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As it happened

  • Worcester RFC (Rockets)
  • Droitwich
  • 0
  • William Tucker Try 6:00'
  • Riley George Try 12:00'
  • Try 13:00'
  • Try 14:30'
  • Charlie Stringer Try 16:00'
  • Michael Edwards Try 17:00'
  • William Tucker Try 21:00'
  • Magnus Brothwell Try 26:00'

Team selection

Brothwell, Magnus Brothwell, Magnus
Davidson, Lachlan Davidson, Lachlan
Breakwell, James Breakwell, James
Garnham, Olly Garnham, Olly
Edwards, Michael Edwards, Michael
Tucker, William Tucker, William
Densley, Henry Densley, Henry
Foster, Daniel Foster, Daniel
Poulter, Noah Poulter, Noah
Stringer, Charlie Stringer, Charlie
Wheatley, Will Wheatley, Will
George, Riley George, Riley


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