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Easter Tour to Torbay - report by Paul Jarvis

At Torbay over Easter – Paul Jarvis

Nearly 30 members of our entourage turned up one and half hours before the Normans first match, this was to support and participate in the momentous flag-raising. Many players travelled that very morning and they seemed to have brought the sunshine down from Birmingham with them.

After getting "in", on the official photographs (“whisky”) alongside Miss Torbay and her minions, we all met up and chatted whilst enjoying the first game of the Tournament. Our other players and supporters arrived well in time for our push back and we all enjoyed the morning sunshine, which stayed all Bank Holiday long.

We didn’t really discuss any tactics or formations as this was festival hockey played in the true spirit of Hockey. Positions more or less picked themselves and push back began for the start of our 2012 tournament.

v Pink Panthers 1 - 1

This game was a very friendly affair and both teams had chances and enjoyed their hockey. Sarah scored our only goal but we missed many clear cut efforts throughout the game. These constant attacks were mainly due to the strong midfield trio of Zach, Gavin and Jacob. Lots of legs in midfield could prove advantageous for next season’s First team.

After this game we headed off to the Inn on the Quay for a liquid lunch.

We returned at four for the "Future Stars of Hockey Game" as half of the two teams were from the Normans. Team Jacob v Jeevan's Team. The age range was 6-14 so the match had to be carefully umpired by Jon Smith.

Kathryn scored for team Jacob whilst Lily got a brace (2) for Jeevan's Team. A special note of thanks must go to all the older players(14) who controlled themselves admirably and looked out for the little ones.

Straight after that game we faced the Oddfellows.

v Oddfellows 1 - 3 loss

Zach scored our only goal and throughout this game our chances were limited as the opposition had two ex-international players who spun our defence dizzy. An enjoyable game played competitively but fairly.

After the late finish all our squad got refreshed and dolled up for the Redcliffe disco, which again we commanded and dominated. (if only on the pitch it was the same). It didn't take too many drinks to get the Norman team’s adults joining in with the kids on the dance floor.

Even our elder statesmen and women got on the dance floor for the 60's music.


b]We had a change of keepers today to give Neal three games out.

[b]v Midwives 1 - 4 loss[/

b]Tricia scored our only goal and the opposition were too strong. We would have conceded more, were it not for some excellent saves from Gavin in goal. He raced out to the edge of the "D" on numerous occasions.

We again trundled off to the Inn on the Quay for food and liquid refreshment but as it was 11-30 we had to wait for the pub to open. A pub next to the beach but still we played footy in the pub grounds!

[b]v Old Cobblers 4 - 7 loss[/

b]In this game two goals came up for our Goal of the Tournament. James's power shot from outer edge of "D" from 45' angle which hit opposite top corner and Neal’s goal which had showed great vision as he ran into space behind their keeper to latch onto James's speculative drive from outside the "D" in towards the near post. The keeper left it, but out of the blue Neal popped up to get the required touch after running from way off far post. Gavin again made great saves considering he has only been keeper a few times this season. Jeevon / Alex both still contend they scored our

third goal. Congratulations to who it may concern! It was looking like a 7-3 loss when in the final minute Zach scored a drag flick into the top right corner.

On Sunday we had to travel so we sorted car share for all players and supporters and headed for our last game.

[b]v Torreadors 1 - 3 loss[/

b]Neal, our first team keeper scored again in this match. We felt a little aggrieved as we should have won this game. But we let in some soft goals and missed numerous chances. Some players were starting to tire after 5 games in 3 days so maybe we were a little hard on ourselves.

No wins and one draw does not really show how successful this tour was.

We travelled all the way to Torbay by car and train, with the largest ever contingent of nearly 40 people. We socialised all together throughout the week-end - meeting up all over Paignton (Henrys my Fav).

The Bill Stickles Cup was shared in 2012 (30 goals each) by CLEEVILLIANS & ESANDARS.

Redcliffe Cup for fair play and honourable conduct - ODDFELLOWS were the winners of this trophy.

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  • Jeevan Singh Chagger


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  1. Jeevan Singh Chagger over 2 years ago

    A wonderful weekend again with jimbo with goal of the tournament, (even though he tends to miss the same opportuinty every game). No karaoke this year a shame as we had many requests one of which was for Glen to sing "Sexy and I know it" wonder who came up with that one... again the under14's match very much full of great skill but a shame that we didn't see anymore players. My goal yet again controversial last year i had stopped it wrong (though i know it was a touch of class with a reverse stop) this year i have got to say that i had clearly scored the goal although alex says he nicked it the ball passed the line. I blame the fact that we don't have goal line technology. LOL. Well a good tournament again can't wait for next year well we better get back to the exams we face good luck to zach at uni, and Jacob me and lily who have our GCSE's and didn't revise whilst on tour. One thing i have to say is that we need someone to costume next years flag raising. I say it be someone with a sense of fashion. ANyway looking forward to next season and the fines (which Jimbo already has) but all was good and hope you have a good season from hockey.

  2. Alex Makepeace over 2 years ago

    what an amazing weekend i have helped the club in this amazing loos