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Yardley Hockey Club

Under 11 Season Round-up

Under 11 youth team - Report by Jim Sumner

We only managed to play six matches out of the twelve we had planned. The weather was partly to blame but one after another clubs whom we played in the past said they couldn’t play us any more because of their involvement with the Warwickshire league. First Hampton, then Old Sils, Sutton and finally Blossomfield cancelled our fixtures. When the single system was introduced the Counties disappeared as far as youth hockey was concerned.. So based on the well tried principle of “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” I applied to join the Warwickshire league next season. To my surprise it looks as though we are in. There are so many clubs in it now that there will have to be two sections with five clubs in each based locally. Each club will host a tournament in turn..
The matches we did play resulted mostly in either a thrashing for us or a thrashing by us. I won’t go into detail but about Olton the least said the better although they pulled out of our tournament a few hours before it was due to start. In a way that was fortunate for us because we won it. We keep the John Lockwood cup for a year. It would be great to have a trophy cabinet to put it in.
We finished the season as usual with the North Wales Weekend. The Rydal School in Colwyn Bay hosted the event and won the tournament with their A team. We drew with Colwyn Bay HC under 11s but the Rydal school were too good for us. They complimented us on our sportsmanship and we gave them a present from Birmingham – a dozen Cadbury eggs which they had left over from Easter.
One last thing – you are dying to know which teams will be in our group in the Warwickshire league. They will be Hampton, Old Sils, Blossomfield, Sutton and Olton.


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