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Players Code of Conduct

1. Understand the values of loyalty and commitment to coaches, parents, team mates and
York Acorn RFC.

2. Recognise that every young player has a right to expect their involvement in rugby to be safe and
free from all types of abuse.

3. Understand that if an individual or group of young players feels they are not being treated in a
manner that is unacceptable or abusive, then you have a right to tell an adult either at the rugby club or outside of the game.
4. Treat all players, as you would like to be treated. Do not interfere with, bully or take
advantage of any player.

1. Play because you want to do so, not to please coaches or parents.
2. Remember that skill development, fun and enjoyment are the most important parts of the
game - winning games is of secondary importance.
3. Attend regularly for training and games
· Always inform your coach or team manager if you cannot make a game or practice.
· Arrive in good time for each session.
· Arrive with the appropriate kit for training and games.
· Inform your coach if you have to leave before the end of a session.
· Pay attention and participate fully in all activities.
4. Work equally hard for yourself and your team - both will then benefit.
5. Recognise and applaud good play by all players on your team and by your opponents.
6. Be a sportsman - win or lose.
7. Play to the Laws of the Game and accept, without question, all referees’ decisions.

8. Control your emotions. Verbal or physical abuse of team mates, opponents, or match officials is not
9. Recognise that bad language and swearing have no place in Rugby - do not use it.
10. Avoid improper use of internet social networking sites like Facebook, You Tube, My Space etc. that would in any way bring into disrepute or present a negative view of the game of Rugby, York Acorn RFC or its Members; be these acts or comments that in any way could be regarded as intimidating, demeaning, bullying, harassing, derogatory, or violent. We encourage all Players and Members to support and enjoy the game. Trash talking, boasting, bullying and derogatory comments have no place in Rugby either verbally or through social network sites and will be dealt with severely by the Club if they occur. The Game starts and ends on the field. Play well. Have fun. Respect your team mates and opponents and prove on the pitch the quality of players that we have and leave the game on the grass.

11. Display high standards of personal behaviour and appearance, and behave in a manner which brings credit to yourself, your team, your coach, your parents and York Acorn.


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