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Ystradgynlais RFC Supporters

Prediction League

Prediction League

Not suprisingly no one guessed the US Masters winner Mr Bubba Watson or Blubba as he was dubbed after an emotional victory.

This leaves Merle Owen two points clear with just six weeks left.

Next event the FA Cup final.


1Merle Owen12

2Alun Jenkins 110

3John Owen10

4Wayne Rex Jones10

5Alun Jenkins 29

6Wain Jones9

7Steve Bateman7

8Steve James7

9Richard Jones7

10Christopher Jones7

11Allan Thomas7

12Gareth Thomas7

13Glyn Rees7

14Craig Jones7

15Nathan Harris7

16Tom Roberts7

17Nick Stephens6

18Paul Evans6

19Andrew Edwards6

20Jonathan Davies6

21Steve Gwillim6

22Stuart Davies6

23Alex DeMelverda6

24Ian Lewis6

25Garin Jenkins6

26Phil Morgan6

27Carwyn Thomas5

28Alan Cronin5

29Leighton Campbell5

30Chris Evans5

31Kerry Williams5

32Huw Thomas5

33Daniel Holsgrove4

34Paul James4

35Mike Hudson4

36Ioan Kemp4

37David Stokes4

38Robert Jones4

39Grant Rees4

40Huw Lewis4

41David Love4

42Callum Phillips4

43Kieran Jones4

44Ryan Evans4

45Rowan Davies4

46Leighton Morgan3

47Keenan Davies3

48Justin Evans3

49Matthew Owen3

50Paul Edwards3

51Liam Delaney3

52Daniel Davies3

53Nathan Holsgrove2

54Jack Donnelly1

55Robert John1

56Cellan Morgan1


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