Sat 25
1st team
M Hobbs (20' Pen), E Burton (45'), J Mcloughlin (48'), A Windram (88')
Ellistown v Desford

Ellistown v Desford

By Andrew Grout
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Football is a funny old game

Where do you start trying to report a crazy, brilliant, amazing, unbelievable game of football.

At the beginning, you shout. Ok get ready for a roller-coaster.

Desford started the game on fire and took siege to the Ellistown goal and only some fantastic saves from Town's man of the match Warwick Miller and plenty of crazy misses stopped Desford taking a 4-0 lead in the 1st 10 minutes. Yes you read that right.

Even our Chairman, Andy Roach was looking up at god to say thank you.

Credit to our players who from 1 to 11 defended like a team, throwing themselves at the ball as the shots came flying in.

Open goals were missed, point blank saves from 5 yards out, as the Desford players spent first 20 minutes taking turns to chalk up every conceivable miss.

The game finally had a goal on 20 minutes when an Ellistown punt forward confused the Desford full-back who let the ball bounce in front of him and allowed Elliot Burton a run at goal. The full-back panicked and brought Elliott down for a stone wall Penalty that Michael Hobbs converted.

EFC 1-0 DFC 20 mins

The goal sent the Ellistown faithful mad and you can sense that give the lads the confidence that this could be their day as they started to match Desford and were dangerous on the break.

Desford continued to throw everything at Warwick Miller and I'm sure he made a great save from the kitchen sink. The questions everyone was asking was how long could Ellistown soak up the pressure and could we make to 2-0 on the break.

Desford finally got a goal on 37 minutes when confusion amongst our central defenders left Louis Rood with the simple task of finishing from 10 yards.

EFC 1-1 DFC 37 mins

Would the game return to normal and see Desford run out comfortable winners. No was the answer as Ellistown continued to defend like lions and Desford were growing more frustrated at not converting chance after chance.

With the clock ticking over to 45 mins, Elliot Burton fired Ellistown into a 2-1 half-time as he shot home through a crowded penalty box and unsighted goalkeeper.

EFC 2-1 DFC 45 mins and HT.

During half-time, we had a visit from the Leicestershire police who had received reports of a daylight robbery in progress. With the Ellistown committee trying to keep a straight face, the police left with a warning they might be back.

The second half started with Ellistown knowing they could hit Desford on the break and this was proven on 48 minutes when a quick counter attack resulted in a foul 30 yards out.

Up stepped Jack Mclaughlin who had been on the pitch 3 minutes to smash the free kick home.

EFC 3-1 DFC 48 mins

Would the 3rd goal deflate Desford. No as wave and wave of attacks were repelled by the Ellistown defence. One on one's were missed and we are still scratching our heads how the Desford centre forward hit the crossbar from 5 yards out and some how ballooned the rebound high and wide.

Desford got there deserved 2nd goal on 60 minutes when Phillip Henderson headed home from a corner.

EFC 3-2 DFC 60 mins

With Ellistown out on there feet, surly all that Desford had to do was not panic to score the 2 goals to give them the 3 points.

Credit to Desford they did not panic as they cut Ellistown to pieces but fantastic last ditch tacking and continued strange finishing kept Ellistown ahead.

As the game ticked over to the last 10 mins, you sensed Ellistown did not deserve to lose this game they had battled from the 1st second.

The game was finished as a contest on 88 mins as another punt forward left Aaron Windram running through on goal, an air shot from the Desford keeper give Aaron the easy task of walking the ball into the net.

EFC 4-2 DFC 88 mins

Harsh on Desford yes, fully deserved by Ellistown yes for their "we will not be beaten" attitude.

Even as the game reached the point of no return, Ellistown were clearing the ball off there own line and defending corner after corner.

The final whistle went with an unbelievable score line of.


At the final whistle, players, management team and fans from both sides retired to the bar knowing they had witnessed a great game of football.


Desford are a great football team and on chances should have won. Ellistown showed great team spirit, were dangerous on the break and took the chances on offer to win.

This is a great victory for Ellistown who battled for 90 mins and played some great football. Our average age of the side is 19. Today they played like seasoned pro's and if this game was televised would have won game of the year.

Well done Ellistown and Desford for serving up a great game of football.

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