Sat 01
Blaby & Whetstone FC
1st team
C Nettel (7'), L Hands (60' Sent Off)
Blaby & Whetstone v Ellistown FC

Blaby & Whetstone v Ellistown FC

By Andrew Grout
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You can't roll out of a nightclub at 3am and expect to perform on a Saturday

Town played like they had rolled out of a nightclub at 3am in the morning and forgot the basics of football.

A hard-tactical training session the previous Wednesday went out of the window after 10 seconds as Blaby kicked off, played the ball down the left, crossed it and Callum Ball with a deflection lobbed the ball over stranded Warwick Miller.

BW 1-0 EFC 10 seconds

You could see the hangover kick in as the deflated players restarted play, but Captain, Leader and Legend Chris Nettle found the perfect hangover cure on 7 mins as he brought Ellistown level with a 30-yard screamer. Ellistown only score fantastic goals, unfortunately we need to score the scruffy goals to win games.

BW 1-1 EFC 7 minutes

Now it was Blaby with a hangover and while they looked the more dangerous side, it was Ellistown who were serving up and missing guilt edge chances. I can hear you say, but that happened last week and the week before and yes, it's got to the point where it's no longer a laughing matter and I sense an intense finishing training session being lined up.

Even more frustrating for the Ellistown away following was that we had the wind in the 1st half but could not play to the conditions.

After much probing, Blaby finally regained the lead on 31 mins when a soft penalty allowed Adam Blanchard to slot home from 12 years.

BW 2-1 EFC 31 mins

Blaby now sensed a comfortable victory and while Town displayed small moments of the fluid passing game, we know they can play it was Blaby who went in at half-time holding all the aces.


With no changes at half-time, both teams continued where they left off at the end of the 1st half with Ellistown showing a tendency to play the perfect ball to a Blaby player who in seconds had our back four in a panic.

It was clear Blaby's plan was to hit our back four early and it was working, while we tried to play our way to goal and credit to the lads for trying to play the right way but sometimes a good old fashioned Wimbledon approach for 10 mins is just an effective tactic.

The game swung in our favour, or so you would have thought on 60 mins when handbags between both sets of players saw our substitute Leon Hands who had been on the pitch for 5 mins and the Blaby goalkeeper Tom Reeves see red.

Blaby's centre forward, Cameron Armstrong who was having a good game went in goal and it was clear he was no goalkeeper.

He then proved me wrong with a brilliant close range save from Arron Windram. Not to worry, we would get the chances to test Cameron and potentially win the game.

Blaby's Management team then made the change that ultimately won the game by bringing on non-league Goalscoring legend Darren Wheeler. We never responded to that change but our back four should have kept Darren quiet and a shoot on site policy should have seen Arron, Kai Smalley, Owen Parker and Jordan Lema improve their goal stats column.

Wrong again, as Darren used all his experience to drag our back four all over the place and give Blaby an easy out ball, while we never got into positions to shoot. Blaby's emergency goalkeeper spent the last 20 mins playing as a central defender as Town had the life sucked out of them by Blaby's midfield who never give our talented midfield time on the ball.

Therefore it was no surprise that after spending 15 minutes giving our back 4 four enough clues, that Darren Wheeler thought well if they can't work me out with all the clues then I will show them by taking a ball over the top and running through to slot home. A classic Darren finish.

BW 3-1 EFC 75 minutes

Game over and Harry Smith put the cherry on top with Blaby's fourth on 87 mins.

BW 4-1 EFC 87 minutes

The final whistle went with another defeat for Town and not a lot of positives to take away, while Blaby knew they done a professional job.


This and recent games prove how far Ellistown are behind the top 10. We have the management team and players to be a top six side but if you can't get the basics correct and change direction\tactics during a game then Senior League Division One is calling.

So, lads, it's important you give your all on the training pitch, implement what you've learnt on a Saturday and show everyone how good you really are.

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