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Thurnby Rangers FC
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H Hayden (80' Sent Off)
Thurnby Rangers v Ellistown FC

Thurnby Rangers v Ellistown FC

By Andrew Grout
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Ellistown take the bait and Thurnby catch the 3 points

In a poor game, Ellistown were dragged into a physical battle with a better prepared Thurnby side who sneaked the 3 points.

A game that both sides dare not lose, started with Ellistown in control as they outplayed Thurnby but could not fashion chances their possession deserved. Thurnby knew they could not out play us, so went for a physical battle that for the majority of the game stayed on the right side of the law.

This approach unsettled Town who tried to go toe to toe but in doing so, lost composure and started to struggle.

Thurnby got the vital break through on 20 mins when Callum Armsden slotted home from close range.

TR 1-0 EFC 20 mins

This knocked the stuffing out of town, who struggled for the rest of the half and were glad to get to half-time 1-0 down.


Ellistown started the 2nd half brightly that coincided with increased volatility of tackling that tested the officials authority.

Jordon Lema, on 70 minutes should have equalised for Town when 10 yards out and the whole goal to aim at, found the goalkeeper.

You knew then, it was game over and the only concern for Town is would we end the game with full set of eleven players on the pitch.

The answer was no, when Harry Hayden as last man nudged the Thurnby Centre Forward who took a tumble to ensure the Ref had an easy red card decision.

Thurnby evened up the numbers as a full blooded Ellistown challenge resulted in retaliation that left one of our players with strangle marks around the neck and the Thurnby player looking to fight every Town player on the pitch and making promises after the game that did not involve sharing small talk over a pint. The stud marks on the player leg confirmed it was a heavy challenge.

Upto this point as I've said earlier, the game was a battle that remained within the letter of the law but now both sides were looking for each other. At this point Thurnby knew they had won the battle and no one would have complained if the Ref had blown up on 87 mins when he was forced off the pitch due to an hamstring injury.

Ellistown spent the last 5 minutes hoofing the ball into Thurnby's penalty box but Thurnby survived to take the 3pts with a 1-0 victory.

TR 1-0 EFC


Well played Thurnby, you done a job on Ellistown who took the bait. Happy Birthday to Mr Thurnby, Pat Darby who will enjoy his birthday evening.

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