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Sat 20
Oldham RUFC 3rd XV
Village Spartans 2nds
J Charlton (2), D Roberts (3), C Davies, A Brookes, S Wystanowha, A Beswick (2), M Jakeman, A Pierre, J Cavanagh, J Smith
A Brookes (2)
Oldham 3rds v Village Spartans 2nds

Oldham 3rds v Village Spartans 2nds

By Oldham RUFC
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Oldham 3rds enjoy a good result at home

This week’s scheduled league game against Carrington 2nds had been conceded by their opponents which meant that Oldham’s 3rd team were looking at its second week without a fixture due to Carrington unable to raise a team during the week. The good news was that Carrington cried off early in the week which meant a friendly could be organized for the Saturday at Home against Village Spartans which Oldham where dually glad off as numbers were limited to a low 17 players.

It was also obvious from the first 10 minutes that Oldham where going to have the better off the exchanges as the Oldham team opened up the scoring with two well taken try’s from John Charlton and Dave Roberts. The latter being out of the team for some time due to medical grounds and due to him relocating to Warrington which meant him not being available. From yesterday’s performance he has certainly made an impression what can be achieved due to the fact he managed to score a further two try’s and pay for a jug which was celebrated by his team mates before the man did a dash! Who said that all Scottish men are tight? Believe that was either Mark Hodge or Mike Royston! They never once got a pass or a jug off Dave so believe the man has mellowed!

Further try’s came every 10 mins from there on in with dot downs by the veteran Chris Davies, Ainsley Brookes, a further try from John Charlton and the best try from Simon Wystanowha who did everything a season campaigner does from the no 10 position. Ainsley Brookes converting two off the conversions. The first half score reading as 44 – 0 to Oldham.

The Spartans team did respond to the Oldham in the second half running two try’s after the restart off the second half as it caught the Oldham side on the back foot and a little surprised as why the Spartans hadn’t done this in the first half as flowing rugby was seen from the opposition both in the forwards but by the speedy fullback who had decided enough was enough. The Spartans attack was done by speeding up the plays and having runners either side off the ruck which resulted in many penalties being taken quickly which put the Oldham forwards and backs on the back foot which resulted in the opponent’s winger scoring the third try unanswered which was converted.

Score 44-17 which meant that someone in the Oldham shirt had to step up and that point scrum half Anthony Bez did this by controlling the play and scoring the next two try’s from the base off the scrum and from his support play to the forwards who had decided to use their weight to get the team going forward and making the opposition to start to tackle. Oldham’s forwards where well on top at this point and ring rust off the team was known well out of the system which was helped due to fact that 15 players were out there playing for each other when they could have decided it was only a friendly.

At this point a normal Spartan team could have easily given up and buckle but it only angered the gladiator within their team resulting in the best rugby off the game with both forwards and backs combining from the Spartans try line and resulting in their winger going the full length off field to go under the posts off the Oldham try line. The conversion being dually converted. Score now being 54- 24.

The last 15 minutes off the game however was a step too far for the Spartans pack as the Oldham work horse proved too much for the opposition as Matt Jakeman and Alan Pierre had decided it was their time to step up to the plate. This was dually done form a lineout on the 22 meters which was caught at no 2 from the returning Mike Green for the whole pack driving the maul over the oppositions try line for Jakeman to score a well worked move.

From the restart the ball was taken by Charlton who off loaded to Jakeman on another barn storming run which was recycled by Bradley and who was taken on by Green to off load to Pierre who was 10 meters out with two players to beat. The opposition had no chance as Pierre attacked the line to go over the line players scattered everywhere.

The last two tries for Oldham came from the two Jacks as no Jill could be found on the field which rounded off a perfect day at Manor Park as both Cavanagh and Smith where able to score wide out on the opponents try line to give Oldham a well dissevered victory 74-24 and a great feeling.

Final Score: Oldham 3rd 74 v Village Spartans 24

Report By: Paul Blomfield

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