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Sat 10
Oldham RUFC 3rd XV
Bury 3
M Kenny (5), C Gill (3), M Meggison (3)
M Meggison (11)
ORUFC 3rd XV v Bury 3's

ORUFC 3rd XV v Bury 3's

By Jon Maslen
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Oldham 3's bounce back in style for a stormign win.

Oldham 3’s 82 v BRUFC 3’s 5

Oldham faced a Bury opposition for the second week running, this week however would turn out to very different.

Bury 3 made the journey with only 13 players, Oldham kindly loaned Bury two players, but this was not enough for Bury and they requested uncontested scrums, much to the misery of Oldham. Oldham chose to kick off and won the ball with an instant turnover and within one phase of play Oldham passed through the backs for a Martin Kenny score, Martin Meggison converted.

From the proceeding kick off Oldham scored on the third phase of play, with a barnstorming tackle busting combination of Chris Gill and Meggisson. It soon became clear that Oldham had the clear physical and skill advantage over Bury, tries came in one after the other and Oldham where ruthless in the contact. Bury could not keep hold of the ball for more than a couple of phases and where outclassed in every aspect.

Oldhams backs where outstanding, combining Anthony Beswick, Gill, Meggison & Kenny all showing how to score lots of tries and defend with 100% commitment. Martin Kenny deserves special mention for a fine 5 try display, every try crowned with a Chris Ashton swan dive. (fines will follow for showing off)

Oldhams Forwards, defended hard when needed and contributed to more than 20 turnovers, outstanding in the forwards where Stewart Greenhalgh and Phil Walmsley.

Credit where credit is due, Bury did not moan or give up they were happy to play on and showed true grit in the face of clear defeat. Thank you Bury for being good enough to turn up with 13 and then show us at Oldham what playing rugby on a Saturday is all about. They played with true heart.

This Oldham 3 team is the best in the league on its day, we shall look forward to the rest of the season.

Captains man of the match Martin Meggison

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Sat 10, Sep 2011



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Division 4 East
Martin Meggison

Player of the match

Martin Meggison