Chairman's Statement: Recent Media Article

Chairman's Statement: Recent Media Article

By Abergavenny Town
24th May
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The clubs chairman has today released the following statement following the article published by Abergavenny Chronicle on 16 May 2019.

I was concerned when I read the article by Bob Rogers (Abergavenny Chronicle, 16 May), after the Club did not achieve Tier 2 status, and was alarmed to read the reference to the governing body for football in Wales, The Football Association of Wales, in the line which read the FAW remained unimpressed by the club’s ambition stating that ‘all clubs wishing to play at Tier 2 next season, must achieve Tier 2 Ground Criteria Regulations”.

It’s the ‘FAW remain unimpressed with the clubs ambition’ tag which concerns me most, and my worry is this might be mis-construed as the FAW’s opinion of us as a club. It is therefore with great relief, that I am able to quote I have received positive feedback from the FAW, as regards the progress made at our ground.

And, no wonder. Progress in terms of the facilities at Penypound Stadium has been ongoing since the formation of Abergavenny Town FC. Culminating in a refurbishment of the clubhouse including replacing the aged central heating system with a new, state of the art version. In the ground itself we have improved the playing surface, installed 120 seats at the clubhouse end, with a further 130 seats due to be installed along the touch line. We have demolished the old concrete dugouts and replaced these with more modern and stylish versions, and have just spent £1600 on a new public address system.

We have renovated the Snack Bar selling hot snacks to a standard where it has been awarded a ‘5’ hygiene rating by Monmouthshire County Council and the dressing rooms are having a total revamp to the tune of £12,000. More improvements are in the pipeline, including improving the external appearance of the ground and more work on the car park.

Penypound Stadium remains the stadium of choice for the Gwent County Football Association, the Gwent Football League, and the Gwent Central Football League, having been selected by all three bodies to host their cup finals, which amounted to six finals in May 2019.

Further in the piece I read some incredulity, comments attributed to one of our supporters, relating to years of neglect to the stadium catching up with us.

Given the improvements I have listed I wonder who this supporter might be, and when they last visited the stadium.

So, onwards and upwards as my vice-chairman who works so tirelessly, always says.
Abergavenny Town Football Club is in good heart, and I am very proud to be its chairman.

Rob Francis

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