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Kid Fit @ Grit

Kid Fit @ Grit

Kick-Start a Healthy New Lifestyle

Kid fit is a all inclusive scheme aimed at helping individuals lose weight, get fit, build confidence and learn how to stay healthy.

Our schemes are aimed at Young Adults or Children, who are looking for an all inclusive program to help get their fitness back on track. We are offering individuals a chance to attend a work-shop that WILL change your life. This scheme mixes a cutting edge fitness program, backed by state of the art technology – with character building, confidence boosting gym sessions in conjunction with Grit Gym Chichester.

Not only will we get you on the right track for your fitness, building you a manageable fitness program, but through our nutritional work-shops and motivational classes, we will kick-start your well-being.
Your Health is a gift – don’t be ungrateful. Life starts when you step out of your comfort zone

Kid Fit began with sessions for under 16s only, but this summer we are launched our Adult and Child only sessions. Whatever your age, gender or physical condition, our sessions will be ability appropriate. We will help you learn how hard you can push yourself both mentally, through some awe-inspiring adventure activities and physically with a daily timetable of tough fitness activities. You are never too old, too young, too unfit or too low in confidence to give yourself a second chance!

We’ll push you to the brink, but rest assured you’ll emerge a step closer to the healthy human that you deserve to become. The only work-out you’ll regret is the one you didn’t do”
Do what is right, Not what is Easy!